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Problems With Bones Narthax / Image Hosting


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Hey there, Reaperites. It's been a while since I've been here.


Because of the quarantine, I find myself with time on my hands, and so I have been painting stuff from various brands of manufacturers.


When I get everything finished and clear coated, Ill post some pics in Show Off - I'm an ok tabletop painter at best.


Anyway, I have never painted ANYTHING "large," and in the 20+ years I have been off and on painting, I have *never* painted a dragon.


So I went into my enormous box of Bones I purchased from the 2nd kickstarter, and pulled out Narthax.


I washed him with a toothbrush and soap in warm water. I didnt need to do any real clean up on him in terms of mold lines.


I use thinned paints, and knowing Bones are hydrophobic, I applied grey Krylon primer to the figure. The primer looked like it held great.


Now, I typically use a mini holder. This was the very first thing I have actually kinda needed to hold in my hand.


However, Narthax is too big for this holder.


I held onto the base as best as I could, but found primer coming off of it.


Worse, when I spun the mini over, I discovered a line of spines that were just...white.


I had literally rubbed the paint directly off the bones material, along with the primer


I am going to try some brush on primer to the areas to do fix ups, but this really sucks.


Does anyone know of anything that might help this go away?


In addition, does anyone have any suggestions on who a decent free picture host is now? Dropbox? Google Drive?


Thanks, all, Its appreciated.





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I had a real problem with paint rubbing off my Ma'al Drakar, I ended up scrubbing as much paint as possible from it, then costing everything in 9064 Brown Liner. Haven't had a problem since, which is good because I don't want to paint that beast a third time!

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I can't speak for whether the Krylon primer is responsible or not, as I've never primed a Bones mini with it (though I do use it to prime my non-Bones minis). It seems odd that it is just rubbing off, the usual issue with most aerosol primers on Bones is that it makes them tacky; I can't currently off the top of my head think of anyone having had this problem. Is it tacky at all? And which kind of Krylon primer did you use, the "regular" kind or the Fusion (supposed to bind to plastics better)?


What I can speak for is a possible solution to touching the model. I say possible because it depends on what you own/are willing to buy or make. Unfortunately, I don't have pics for this, because Laszlo Jakusovszky's website is gone, but this solution comes from him. If you own a camera tripod (not the miniature kind, but the normal size ones that come with a handle to turn the camera) attach the mini/base to that. You can use the tripod handle to move it to get whatever angle you need, without touching and rubbing off paint.


Really wish I could find a picture of the setup from that website, because it was genius, but my google-fu isn't finding anything. I can't even find a good picture of the finished model he used this for (it was of a dragon in coming out of a pool of lava, I think he won an award for it many years ago). I'll have to search my Hot Lead dvd to see if I can find any pics of it (it is on the cover of the dvd, but I can't get a good pic of it), because this is such a useful tip for painting big models that don't fit commercial holders.


Anyhow, if you want a slightly more in depth version of how he rigged it up, I talked about it in this thread earlier this year.


EDIT: Here's a screen-cap from the dvd, not exactly the one I wanted to find but it shows that he's attached it and is using his camera tripod to hold a model steady as he paints.



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If it is still tacky after 12 hours or so, it will not dry. So, soak it in Simple Green and scrub it off. Tamiya's primer or Army Painter Primer are the only 2 rattlecan primers that are reliable on the older Bones. Any of Reaper's liners  will work well as a primer too.

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Aerosol primers have solvents, which may react poorly with Bones.


Bones doesn't need primer. fwiw, From Bones I, I painted Kaladrax Reborn with black, gray, and white craft paints.

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