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Ooh, I like those. At one time I had nearly every squat model that GW made. Still have a bunch in various states of disrepair. Think about trying to make them into an actual army again. Too bad I don't have the spare cash to back this right now. Still need to finish off my Bones V order before moving on to other stuff.

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Update: Saw in the comments that the fellow without a hat in the Command Team is the Medic and apparently will be available for £4, and I think he'll make a neat little wizard or cleric of some sort, so I pledged for him and the Witch Hunter, who it struck me would be a killer little artificer for muh Eberron.

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Got my guys the other day. Holy cow they're delightful. The medic is fun, and the Witch Hunter I still say would make such a wonderful Eberron character. Like, perfectly so. He is for sure someone who's been to Xen'drik.


Ah. Bums me out I'll never get them painted. Ah well.





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