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GW’s Dwarf Iron Guard

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Hi everyone!

Well, I said recently that I don’t paint much GW’s minis, but it’s the second time in about two weeks that I paint some.

These guys are resin minis I’ve had for several years. I liked the way they looked and instantly thought they would make great grunts for the Icebeard Clan in my DnD world.

But then when I received them, there was several casting problems: weird flat textures in the mails and holes that seem to have been bubbles while casting. One hole was just on the bottom of one of the dwarfs’ sword, which made it break when I tried to unbend it. And when I tried to pin it, the blade just broke apart. So ultimately, I just used them based and broken in my games.

As I’m now a bit more confident with greenstuff, I fixed the holes and the blade, and finally gave them the paint job they’ve been waiting for all that time!


The weapon I made is the saber of the second one on the left, I made something a bit different. I hope you like them. ^_^





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