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Ral Partha Shadowrun Young Deckers sculpted by Richard Kerr


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Hello all you Reapernauts!


So just finished these two up, keep working on Shadowrun stuff for a bit of variety.


These two are either Deckers as per their original packaging, or Young Deckers when you look at the Iron Wind Metals page nowadays.  Either way, some pretty fun figures to paint, a guy and a gal. After taking photos, as per usual, I found a few glaring errors, but I'm not sure if I want to go back in to repaint some parts and rephotograph.  Out of everything, I'm just pretty happy on how the little rat came out.


So anyhoos, here they are, enjoy!

and of course I always giggle that the eighties imagination never conceived small little phones you could do virtually anything you ever needed with, but rather had their guys carrying around big, long laptop/keyboards to get their tekkie stuff done.   I wonder if newer editions of Shadowrun (assuming they exist) compensated for this in the future.




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37 minutes ago, Mad Jack said:


  Yeah, later Ed.'s of Shadowrun changed up the deckers... They don't actually need the deck to just jack into the cyberworld, but it contains all their tools...

These days it's a tablet instead of a keyboard.



Thanks for confirming that Mad Jack, nice to know Shadowrun updates it’s technology as the real world did as well!

27 minutes ago, DragonWyrm said:

That rat is so tiny!

He’s a puny little rodent!

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22 minutes ago, Iridil said:

Wonderful 80's goofiness in these sculpts - well done! They look as if they are either hailing a cab or raising their hands in class! Very nice use of colors and the little rodent is splendid

Thanks Iridil! The little rodent is definitely my favorite part of both of them!

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