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OOC Cloak and Dagger II: A New Beginning


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Wanted to go over a couple of things while I came across them.


+5 attack (7 minus 2 from the power), but +2 damage. 

Damage= 2d6+8... (STR.+ 1/2 STR.+ 2 PA). 

Vinny I recall in the battle thread that you posted this.


(Pg98 PHB 3.5 under Power Attack feat) You add double the Power Attack when wielding a weapon (not a light weapon) with two hands, so in the above example you should add +4 to your damage from Power Attack for a total of 2d6+10, don’t know if this was every corrected but figured it wouldn’t hurt to mention it.


Nev, I came across the 5ft rule for AOO, when casting a spell


Diagram on top of pg145 PHB 3.5 shows that Mialee takes a 5ft step to avoid AOO.


I recall this came up in the combat thread.



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And the game starts anew ::D:


Ok, first of, lets hope that this Nymph is really a Nymph because if she not then were really being suckered here. ::o:


I think if my words were not enough, then we really need to find a way to get the Nymph to help us out, things look pretty grim otherwise :blink::wacko:::(::down:



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How far are we from the cave mouth? Are we inside the cave yet?



"I will not help you further." the nymph answered with finality and walked away from the group leaving them alone in front of the cave.


The entrance was cunningly covered with vegetation to keep the cave from being found by unwanted adventurers. It was wide enough to allow two person to walk in side by side.


Previous question from Ismark to the group

“Anyone have a knack for finding the unexpected?”

So, can anyone search/disarm traps?



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