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OOC Cloak and Dagger II: A New Beginning


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The nymph herself has a magical aura around her, a kind of unearthly grace

I suspected an illusion or polymorph from the beginning but the unearthly grace description threw me off because the Polymorph spell does not give/copy the extraordinary special qualities to the new form.


Unlatching his mace he lets his fingers find there accustomed positions, then he turns to face the Nymph


“If you are what you are then you would help us further, if we do not find a way to deal with what lurks within that cave, then rest assure it will only be a matter of time before they have the run of these woods. Where do you think that will leave you then?” he states enthusiastically, his eyes and face fierce with a passion to see this evil undone

it’s not a big deal but I believe I had the jump on this and you can see from the first part of my post above that I was toying with the idea of attacking her. Oh well.



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