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Dragonbond: Battles of Valerna 3D STL - Allaria & Tyveria

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f0ca049499c6597a2bbe3683d9f33767_origina Files pending. Check back later

 Each army includes 22 unique 3D models + 3D component models:

  • x1 General
  • x1 Huge Dragon
  • x1 Unit of 2 (Captain + Troop)
  • x2 Unit of 3 (Captain + Troop with different models)
  • x1 Unit of of 5 (Captain + Troop with different models)
  • x1 Unit of of 7 (Captain + Troop with different models)
  • x3 Dragonbond components (Spin Dial, Ruler, custom Dice)


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I'm intrigued, but I'm also curious when they're going to get their fulfillment platform.  the Legendary Dragons KS is being fulfilled with drive-thru RPG because their on platform, Lair, wasn't ready for primetime.

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I like it too, but they keep talking about the community sharing benefits of their new platform.   For example, people with access to a particular model will be able to share their sliced/supported files with other people who have access to that model, for other machine profiles and optimization. it sounds pretty cool, though a little annoying to have yet another account for accessing ks files....

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There are some nice models here.  Price point is a bit high for what I usually like to pay for STLs though.  

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13 hours ago, Clearman said:

There are some nice models here.  Price point is a bit high for what I usually like to pay for STLs though.  

True, a little high for just models, but this one is more than just stls, supposedly it's a full wargame as well, so rules and all that jazz.

Kinda holding out for some demos

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I pledged to take advantage of the early bird special.  But yeah, would like to see some demos before the end.

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Hi Everyone! 

Lead Game designer, Dragon and Terrain sculptor for the campaign! here to answer some of the questions :) 


The full pledge includes 44 models (22 for each army, including dragons, a terrain piece [unrevealed] and some cool mounted models) plus 18 terrain models, printable dice, dials and rules. We have not shown some of the sculpts, but the core set should be finished by the end. At the moment we have unlocked an extra 5 models per army (so 10 total) and 2 alternate general (maskless) sculpts. 


The wargame itself is akin to Legion, we like to call it a more "friendly" wargame, where the complexity is not at learning the vast amount of rules, but more of seeing what your strategy and army builidng are like. We plan on giving full support to this, we are currently only at the Beta, we do plan to have a playtest edited so the game is clear as to how it plays/ feels, but unfortunately we wanted to have an actual playtes (we are looking into using tabletop simulator as an alternative) we might still make it in time for release during the campaign. 


We have an AMA space tomorrow at Gencon Online in case anyone wants to ask anything in particular!


I am also active in the campaign in cas eyou leave a comment. 


Hope this helps clear some doubts. 




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