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Behir 77492 - What lurks on the river shore?


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7 hours ago, Thoramel said:

Wow, that is just fantastic.


Thank you, much obliged.


6 hours ago, Inarah said:

Very nice. Placement and use of the tree is genius. 


I thought the pose just asks for it. Another cool idea would be a standing stone or rock face. If they ever release a Bones Black Behir, I might paint another one up


5 hours ago, KruleBear said:

Beautiful! The red and blue are perfect and the use of the tree is awesome. 


Thank you, the colour scheme is definitely bolder than what I usually go for. 


5 hours ago, Evilhalfling said:

love the scenery and the tree, very well done Behir as well. 

Kind of inspiring that you put so many new things together. 


Thanks! The scenery is a long standing project of mine: a modular forest board. 

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4 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

It's simply jawdropping good!

And the pic with the scenery...awesome, it tells a story.


It's almost like a painting.


Thanks! Your comments in the WIP thread were also much appreciated. Definitely helped with some decisions on the way. 

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7 hours ago, Kangaroorex said:

The Behir is great but the tree is absolutely stunning!  Thanks for sharing!


Thank you. The tree took me almost as long as the Behir. Mainly because I had to figure out the best way to make it. In the end Milliput and subtle coats with brush and airbrush were the solution. Beech trees are harder to get right than one thinks. I will definitely do an older beech tree, too. 


4 hours ago, Iridil said:

That tree... so real, so beautiful... and placement with the Behir's arm - genius. The coloring of the Behir works wonderfully with the scene - inspiring!


Thank you for your kind words. Much appreciated. 

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