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[CAV] Vehicle Design Question

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My question: is it possible to design a vehicle or aircraft with multiple Troop Carrier Bays rather than just one?


Example: I'm modelling an aircraft that can carry two regular Infantry stands. Could I place two "Small" Bays on it and make a note on the sheet that two "Small" Bays don't equal a "Standard" Bay?

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Hmmm... well, from my understanding of the point design system and particularly the "Cost of Development" computations on page 149 of JOR1, I'd have to say that you could design multiple troop bays on a transporter as you have in mind.


OF COURSE... take this with a grain of salt because I'm just using logic and am not the head honcho that could say yes or no. Frankly though, if it's within the spirit of the game then go right ahead and enjoy making the unit. Afterall, how often do you plan to use it in official tournaments? Hard to imagine your area buddies griping over this, especially if you followed the procedures in the book, for just casual gaming. Part of the fun is creating.


So... according to page 149 of JOR1 under

Cost of Development step (7), you simply total all DT column values for movement, including the 0 column.  Divide that number by 10.  Round Decimals.


Unless I missed something, the point design system does NOT distinguish between a 3 infantry capacity or 1 infantry capacity... or in your case a 2 infantry bay transport ship.


So... I say go right ahead with your project. If you feel guilty about it then maybe add step (7) value twice to your total cost of production (it's only a difference of approximately 5 points... depending on your # of DT's and movement values).


Let us know what you come up with... :poke:

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