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Against the Goblins (Sword & Wizardry) pbp


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Hmm, then I'm not sure. I've always went with either Herolabs (no S&W there) or DnDBeyond (obviously not here either) for my online sheets.


Ok, apparently Barrel Rider Games & I were thinking on the same page for clerics:


@Chaoswolf As a classic class, you get a upgrade using the Player's Companion book. I'm not requiring players to own the book, but it's a nice pdf rules supplemental for the S&W game. Anyways here is the ability you'll get:


Holy Weapon

Clerics (and Anti-Clerics) are, first and foremost, servants of their chosen deity. Many of these gods are often depicting wielding an powerful weapon which is often venerated as a symbol of that divine entity. With the Referee's 
permission, the character may select a single melee or missile weapon which is their deity's holy weapon and may wield this weapon without breaking the tenants of their faith. If the cleric selects a holy weapon from among weapons that are already part of limited selection, they instead receive a +1 bonus to attack rolls when wielding that weapon.

The cleric must select their holy weapon at character creation. That choice cannot be changed once it is made. Example: A cleric may select the long sword as their holy weapon. They may wield a long sword without breaking the tenants of their faith and without penalty. Or, the same cleric might select the heavy mace as their holy weapon. Because the heavy mace is already a permitted weapon, that character receives a +1 bonus to all attack rolls when wielding a heavy mace.

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I like how this is proceeding.  Been a long time since i got to play a bard or rogue.  Let me know if the ditties and flair become an annoyance.  I really haven't been able to play a performing character in forever and I'm enjoying it but it could get tiresome to the players (tiresome to the characters I expect ::D:)



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