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Excellent work!


20 hours ago, Rigel said:

Very nice! Love bats; they're such wonderful creatures

I know about a dozen people who would look at you as if has two heads for saying that.

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I may be biased; one of my mentors/colleagues literally wrote the book on the bats of my home state. Our microchiropterans have the kind of face that can only be described as "endearing." 

Well...maybe there are other descriptions, but momma bats love their pups just the same. And many of them eat mosquitoes, which puts them firmly in the Good column as far as I'm concerned. 

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    • By MoonglowMinis
      It's the perfect time of year to show off this little collection of spooky minis!

      Giant Bats 44040

      These little guys are adorable.  They're pretty simple, and it's hard to pick out details in their faces, but I think they're fantastic little minis.  Though their size clearly makes them giant bats, I can definitely see myself using them as "normal-sized" bats for Wildshape or Familiar purposes.  I specifically used the Little Brown Bat as my coloration reference.
      More Bat Photos Below:
      Harrowgate Shrine 77723
      Next up is a bit of scatter terrain.  This is one of the two models in the Harrowgate Shrines set.

      What could it be?  An ancient omen?  The gravestone for a horrific creature?  Or perhaps the beast itself is encased in stone!
      It's not the most exciting of models, but I thought it fit nicely with this little set.  I probably should have based it, but I like basing scatter pieces on flat bases and didn't have one the right size for this.  Might base it in the future.
      More Shrine Photos Below:
      Werebat 77448
      And rounding out this set we have the big baddie: the werebat!

      I really like how dynamic this guy is.  Really get the sense he's about to lunge at you, or take off to the skies.  I painted him up like the giant bats.  Don't love the paintjob, but it works.  I really like how his base turned out though.  The model comes on a roughly 1" circular base, but he's pretty top heavy.  I didn't want to give him a 2" base, but I'm really starting to enjoy basing these oversized models on 40mm rounds.  Especially with that tapering rim, they fit nicely without looking out-of-scale compared to other "medium" sized creatures.
      More Werebat Photos Below:
      So what's the story?  What would you use these minis for?
    • By Iridil
      After the crusaders, I moved on to figures that I want to use at the table soon - and really trying to get them to acceptable quality and move on. For these two I think this is how they will stay, although the bat swarm calls a bit for more attention.... I think I did each in about an hour - 

    • By canuckotter
      Finished this one other than the base a few weeks back, finally got it finished up enough to post it up. So here you go! I'm pretty sure I speed-painted this one during a Hangout session one night... By those standards, it's pretty good, I think.  
    • By Growltiger
      A friend handed me a Reaper bat swam and asked me paint it.
      Of course that reminded me of the 3 Bat Swarms that were primed and waiting to be painted for use by the hubby in his Undead army.
      Might as well paint them all at once.
      So here we have 4 Reaper bones Bat Swarms. The 3 on square bases are the Undead proxies.
      Fast table top, lack luster phone photos. Enjoy!
      CC always welcome.

    • By Sirithiliel
      The finished batch of vermin, mummies, ghasts
      77259: Fly Demon
      77144: Mummy x 6
      77146: Mummy Warrior
      77126: Vermin: Spider x5
      77046: Bat Swarm
      77032: Oxidation Beast x2 (one with hat conversion)
      77159: Ghast x4
      77025: Giant Spider
      77360: Mr. Bones
      ?????: Chronoscope Tick thing

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