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Soda Machines, Generator, Bombshell Counterblast Helen and Security Officer

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10 hours ago, Rigel said:

Here's 80053, the Starship Generator, and 49035, the soda machine, painted up as a Bouncy Bubble Beverage dispenser. (Drink B3--it's everyone's mandatory drink of choice! A variety of flavors from Extra Classic to Red Blast to Tastes Like Something Orange! All flavors may not be available at your clearance level. Check with your supervisor for details.)


I love it. I wish soda vending machines actually looked like that here. Is the brand name actually "Bouncy Bubble Beverage"? Because calling it "Commie Cola" just popped into my head and I can't stop grinning.

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Thank you all! 

23 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Helen looks lovely!

Great job on the vending machines.

I was pretty happy with the black-to-red gradient on the B3 machine! And Helen's peaches-and-cream complexion came out all right. I seem to have better luck with Bombshell eyes than with most minis. Glad you like them! 

22 hours ago, BadgersinMeadows said:

Looking great. Love the way the whole setting comes together. :)

Thank you! I've been working on this heartbreaker spacefuture homebrew and its minis for a few years now. The Moon Communists (not to be confused with the well-adjusted Reds, or Martian Communists) are some of my favorites, being a gauze-thinly-veiled PARANOIA knockoff that can be visited without Alpha Complex being the entire setting. 
SIDE NOTE: The recent Netflix show "Travelers" can and in my opinion absolutely should be viewed as an adaptation of the PARANOIA universe played absolutely deadpan straight. I cannot prove this was intentional, but the parallels are all there in spades.

14 hours ago, Inarah said:

Well done!


14 hours ago, ManvsMini said:

I love it. I wish soda vending machines actually looked like that here. Is the brand name actually "Bouncy Bubble Beverage"? Because calling it "Commie Cola" just popped into my head and I can't stop grinning.

CANON ACCEPTED! "Bouncy Bubble Beverage" is a PARANOIA reference, a dystopic drink that doubles as a low-grade explosive when a can is shaken. (Often paired with CrunchyTyme Algae Chips, available in Plain and Slightly Less Plain flavors).

But no, COMMIE COLA it will be henceforth. OCTOBER RED is the most popular flavor.
"Ein Geschmack geht um in der Mond...der Geschmack des COMMUNISMUS! A flavor as STRONG as the mighty Soviet hammer and as SHARP as the Revolutionary Sickle! Workers of the World, Imbibe! You have nothing to lose but your thirst!"

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October Red from Commie Cola: colder than Siberian winter, with flavor stronger than proletariat will! Let tastebud feel the revolution!

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On 7/27/2020 at 10:04 AM, ManvsMini said:

...Let tastebud feel the revolution!

This is a fantastic slogan and I will absolutely use it whenever possible.

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    • By Rigel

      Another alien, "The Assimilator" from Antediluvian Miniatures. This sculpt is based on the THING from "Who Goes There?" as interpreted by an Classics Illustrated cover artist. 
      The illustration (pretty true to the original text!):

      The mini: 

      The sculpt alone is delightful, but the opportunities for paranoia in your space opera or horror game are just too good to pass up!

      Crash-landing in Antarctica:
      "well this sucks."

      An encounter with the locals (featuring a Grenadier Elder Thing by way of Mirliton):
      "You must be new here."

      Guest appearance from Antarctic Explorer, 80072. (on left. OR IS HE?!)

      Side note: It is left unclear in the Campbell story whether the form of this thing ever belonged to aliens that were not THE THING, but if there were non-THING aliens with this body plan I'd guess they were related to Rhan-Tegoth from "The Horror in the Museum." Another polar three-eyed monstrosity with writhing tendrils all about it, with mental powers and an appetite for dogs and men? And published five years before "Who Goes There?" Probably an influence at least. Perhaps THE THING is an assimilator on the meta-textual level too!
    • By Rigel
      Antediluvian Miniatures is probably best known for its lost-world anachronistic reptiles, but they also have a space opera line! And in my opinion "Buckland Rogers, Bounty Hunter" is one of the best. A great crocodilian brute with gorilla arms and a face straight off of a Crystal Palace Megalosaurus reconstruction. Also a cybernetic reticule monocle and a three-barreled weapon of sinister design. Perfect for my retro spacefuture universe.

      Look at those savage jaws, the muscled neck-hump, the jaunty little jumpsuit!

      A great fit with my Galacteers (guest appearance from Betty, Space Heroine 50150)
      "gOOd dAycycle neighBoR maY i bOrroW a cUp of dEpROtonated anTimaTTer"

      Or with a rogue's gallery of other zoömorphic space aliens/a ragtag band of space pirates (featuring a Space Mouseling, 01434).

    • By lexomatic
      A request for more modern female minis, Dr Helen Salinger first,  because I found her first.
      I will be painting her as Cosima from Orphan Black.
      Mostly base coats today, though I did a bit more on the coat. Legs are rubbing off so I may need to re prime. Skin was a weird mix of new copper, sun yellow and heavy _(I forget the Vallejo name) skin.

    • By Rigel
      I don't know precisely how the deal went down, but Bombshell's Neirans from their Counterblast line are pretty much Reaper Andromedans with a bit more height and bulk. (They also have some cycloptic Illyrians much like Sparg and one of the Alien Exotic Dancers.) This is one such, along with various colleagues we have seen before: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91106-spacefuture-empress-messalina-iv-of-the-andromedans-and-vizier-as-zeta-reticulans/

      Her Athame-Glaive demonstrates her ritual authority as General and Commander of the Empress's Fleet. (Before all this pandemic unpleasantness hit my home state, I visited New Mexico for a family vacation, and you BET I picked up some tabletop-scale flying saucers in Roswell.)
      With a member of the Technician Caste: 

      Making demands of the Chief Scientician: 
      "We need more SPEED, laboratory beetle! 3.2 c is simply not enough to take those witless Earthlings down before they can activate a counteroffensive!"
      "Feh! Cartilage-brained savage, there is only so far you can bend space before it starts bending back! Our wotta-metal hulls can withstand only so much hypergeometric translocation before giving way!"

      Giving the Grand Vizier a piece of her mind (she's not the best at subtle intrigue, preferring to cut right to the point, or the throat, either way)
      "So, scheming remipede, my underlings tell me that the platinum requisitioned for their catalytic cannon has been rerouted to the Citadel of Nobles."
      "A most unfortunate happenstance, War-Leader. Bureaucracy will err; I shall have the Commissariat ritually castigated."

      "It was specifically rerouted to a guild of pleasure-barge manufacturers."
      "The less civic-minded among the nobility are known for their excess. Would that there were some way to curb their indulgences; I, your humble servant and that of Empire, have tried time and again to..."
      "The guild is under contract to build YOU a Sybaric Yacht!!"

      "One must have some way to relax after the rigors of serving both Her Incomparable Majesty and the people, War-Leader; a very reasonable perquisite. It would be invidious to suggest otherwise. Now, to the point of this interlocution, if there is one?"
      "You always choose your words so carefully, Vizier. I'm so glad you chose 'point' right now."

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