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28mm Alternative Fantasy Miniature STL Files

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Introducing a new set of 28mm Alternative Fantasy Miniatures by Quartermaster 3D Studio

Welcome to our debut Kickstarter campaign! This campaign is all about providing you with a range of high-quality 28mm fantasy miniatures for use in any applicable fantasy system. There are options for both digital delivery in the form of pre-supported STL files and for those without 3D printing capacity, we have an option for physical delivery of 3D printed copies brought to you by our partners at Northern Lights Terrain.

The Sculpts of the Core Set

The core set is made up of 7 different lines of miniatures. These miniatures are scaled to roughly 28mm to the eye and come as pre-supported STL files and as Chitubox project files.  Each line comes with 6 unique poses. Unless otherwise stated, each pose is printed as a single object.

  • Line 1: Foot Knights
  • Line 2: Mounted Knights
  • Line 3: Pikemen
  • Line 4: Axemen
  • Line 5: Scout Archers
  • Line 6: Long Swordsmen
  • Line 7: Command Group

Line 1:  Foot Knights

This is our flagship line for this project and because of that they're offered with empty right hands and multiple weapon and shield options so you can customize their load out and paint your own heraldry on their shields. This line also comes with the knights weapon pack. The 6 unique poses are shown below. 

Note: The photos of foot knights shown below have been given swords and shields in render so people can see how they look equipped. Actual models are modular as shown in the last picture. 

59041f9e63b8be9679cab7151cec562a_origina Foot Knight Poses 1-3
38bf87b7617a792f8982cb5259b0baa0_origina Foot Knight Poses 4-6
54869387b115782c4314983eafab580f_origina Knight Modular Weapon Pack

Line 2: Mounted Knights

Just like the foot knights these models come with empty right hands to accommodate the knights weapon pack (Images below shown with weapons for display purposes). The hands can also fit 1.2 - 1.3mm brass rods for those who want to swap out resin lances for something more sturdy. Lance tips that fit 1.2-1.3mm brass rods are provided.

Note: The photos of mounted knights shown below have been given lances and shields in render so people can see how they look equipped. Actual models are modular as shown in the last picture. 

5f55826b59e036095662e3775d2e600a_origina Mounted Knights 1-3
d6a3df7b5be76648234c58e348aca19f_origina Mounted Knights 4-6
d78a397f63fabb526670671a8dce467f_origina Mounted Knight comes with weapon pack

Line 3: Pikemen

7c5d901e8634cbea31e4d39b0c56ff1f_origina Pikemen poses 1-3
f7c60df4f218caf084a4f8c71c43d9b6_origina Pikemen poses 4-6

Line 4: Axemen

a045b1c2b77dd9cfae32e35d7442bc93_origina Axemen poses 1-3
decd3d36cb693dd01f0a507c56828829_origina Axemen poses 4-6

Line 5: Scout Archers

340ca6382e9174530bf0dd60b1238810_origina Archer poses 1-3
bc1f2f8cfef107ab3c0e207afb3096f1_origina Archer poses 4-6

Line 6: Long Swordsmen

846698d5cad9bf781ec25d2c2aab869e_origina Long Swordsmen 1-3
11220936fe0b4ec419d3e2f847780588_origina Long Swordsmen poses 4-6

Line 7: Command Group

Saved the best for last...In this line, backers will get a General, Knight Captain, Knight Banner, Axeman Captain, Archer Captain and Long swordsmen Captain. 

84e3808b96217e75e1dc7093d98d8770_origina General - Knight Captain - Banner
52c9eb3c9e31534f20d42e4671a68261_origina Axe Captain - Scout Captain - Longsword Captain

Everything Pre-supported!

Backers will receive everything as pre-supported STL files. Models were painstakingly supported one support at a time in Chitubox to the best of my abilities. Everything has been test printed so you shouldn't have any problems.

c4682b93a5ee94aa4fa611ace627e8e8_origina Pre-supported in Chitubox


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If I were into Imperial / Bretonnian armies I would, but these are out of my range of interest.

Nice models from the look of it though.

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