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Doom 3?

Stray Bullet

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I've never been a huge fan of the Doom series. Besides the overtly satanic imagery, I just didn't find it that interesting. If I'm gonna play a single player game, it better have a really good story. Case in point, Half-Life or Morrowind.


More recently I've been enjoying NWN, and when I have time, WH40k: Dawn Of War ^_^ (albeit only the beta, which has only limited "tutorial" missions, and multiplayer, which I have many crashes in...)

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Well it also wouldn't be nearly as bad...but the game is capable of handling much much more...they purposefully limited it...


They wanted to move away from multiplayer...


I think what they forgot is that video games, while being artisitcally challenging, ARE NOT ART. You don't get bonus points for quirkiness and holier than thou attitude. Which is how I saw him talking about it.


There are alot of us who are pissy about it...a large online community that refuses to purchase DOOM III because of this.

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Well some friends of mine have been playing it, and they're claiming all the positive hype is right on, and that its an awesome game.


As far as the multiplayer goes, 4v4 doesn't thrill me much, and as I understand it they didn't put in a mulitplayer co-op mode either. For MP, I'm waiting for the mod community to work its wonders there. For now, for multiplayer I'll stick with UT2k4 and Call of Duty (and associated mods).


Anywhoo, just biding my time until I get a chance to pick this game up. Looks like it won't be till this weekend... ::(:


Oh, and since some retail stores began selling early, it was already all over the P2P networks, and analysts estimate over $2.9 million in sales have lost due to piracy so far... Rotten bastiches! :angry:




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I'll have to check when I get home. The card was the previous generation top-of-the-line 3d card, but the name escapes me. IIRC clock speed of the PC is 1.5ghz. To be fair I was trying to run it at 1024x768 and it was a bit choppy when there's a lot of polygons on the screen. My dad says its probably the graphics card, and said he would bring one home from his store when he gets a restock. I may try to run it at 800x600 and see how that does...



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I get a steady 20 - 30 FPS with these specs:



High detail

no AA

1.47 Ghz (AMD)

Geforce FX 5600

1gb DDR ram


As for the game itself..... glad I didn't pay $50 for it. For me, it doesn't live up to the hype atall. Here's to hoping a company licenses the engine and makes a real game on it...

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1) If you are using an ATI video card, download the latest betas 4.9 with optimized OPENGL for DOOM 3: DOWNLOAD HERE!!


2) In your DOOM3/BASE folder open DOOMCONFIG.CFG using notepad, find "seta image_cacheMegs" and change the number value to roughly 1/4 of your available ram (512 = 128, or 1GB = 256); you must also set “seta image_useCache” to “1”. Also “seta image_CacheMinK” needs to be set higher than the default, or the game will crash on start. I recommend a value of “20480” is a good starting value, but you can definitely go higher. This does not raise your max frame rate at all, but this will smooth out the transition phase when doors are opened or when entering a NEW area that needs to cache more textures. Through many reports this has helped a lot of people run much more smoothly on their machines.


3) Check your video card settings and make sure AA is off and other performance effecting settings are off.


4) Turn on Triple Buffering and VSync.


5) Turn down the detail one level or lower the resolution by one level.


6) Make sure your Sideband-Addressing is enabled in the Bios.


7) Make sure you are running at max AGP speed (4x, 8x, ect.).


Cool Make sure you have your latest GART drivers installed. For VIA and nVidia Chipsets.


9) If you can and have no other issues, you can slightly overclock your RAM on your video card (unsupported use with caution you could fry your card)


10) You can decompress the PAK files using WINRAR and place the contents in the BASE folder for faster access. This has been reported to FIX MANY studdering and performance problems on many machines.


It even came with a mini and the re-packed trillogy... sweeeeeeet!

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*The real lstormhammer being knocked out, the Evil lstormhammer now takes over his keyboard. You can tell he's from the Evil Universe, as he's wearing a bad goatee and handlebar moustache, inky black, naturally*


"Right, now I know you're all sick of that whiner, Stormy going on about how he hates the bugs and what-not in Doom 3. Well, I'm here to tell you the game rocks!"


*hears a mumble from the Good Stormy, adds a little ether to him.*


"That'll keep'm quiet for a while... Now: If you like survival horror, you're going to like this game. It's not any of that crybaby 'run and gun', it's about using your head so you don't get it taken off of your shoulders. Alright!"


"Now, listen up, you primative screwheads! If you like the Resident Evil series, but hate the bad camera angles and whining, this is your game. Though you'd think of mankind can put a permenant base on Mars they could take care of the lighting situation. Flouresant lights don't cost much, so freekin' install some, already! When it hits the fan, let the lights drop, but until then, let me see where I'm going!"


"So unlike that game 'Half-Life' that whiney-pants over here likes, where you're playing some DORK in armor, in Doom 3, you're playing one of Momma Green's fighting machines. That's right, the first ones in Space are the Marines! Hoo-ah! So instead of standing there like a weenie when the first sign of trouble shows up, you level your pistol and end the problem just like that."


"Your orders are to play the game now, Soldier! It's hard as a coffin nail, and I won't be dinked around with! You hear me! I'll come for you! I will plant my size thirteen into your can! ...feelin' a little woosey... somethin'... I..." *CLUNK*


*Good Stormy takes the keyboard putting away his tranq gun*


"Sorry about that, guys. Didn't think he'd get loose to play Doom 3. Little dizzy from the Ether. Good thing I've been spending so much time building up an immunity to it. But from reading this posting, he's got the right of it. I should have played the game before complaining about goofy monsters. Now if you'll excuse me, my Evil Twin is shaking off the tranq, and I haven't hidden his weapons yet. See ya!"



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My advice is don't play in a dark room........ eep!


Oh and my only complaint is the lack of multiplayer and a co-op mode. If any game screams out more for multiplayer it's co-op Doom3!


Light flicker.....




light flicker...




damn misssed....


light flicker..





breathing space. Repeat.... awesome!

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