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9 hours ago, Mad Jack said:


 Feeling a sudden urge to boot up Planescape: Torment for a bit...


Definitely hits the FF color scheme nicely.


Thanks!  As a beginner I found it very difficult to layer on such a small sculpt. It feels like the minis nowadays are a larger scale?  So many of my 80s guys are these tiny little things.

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 Yup - the old Ral Partha and Grenadier minis are "True 25mm" scale, generally 25mm to the eyes or top of the head (it varies from company to company),while Reaper's figures are what's known as 28mm "Heroic" scale... Aside from being just a bit larger overall, they're intentionally sculpted with slightly larger hands, weapons and heads to emphasize the detail and make them more visible when playing with them or displaying them.

A lot of companies that produce their figures strictly for their tabletop skirmish games actually use 32mm as their standard.


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The sculpt is definitely not the greatest, but looking at the cover I can see where they got the inspiration from. 


You did reproduce the colour scheme well.


With the next miniature I would focus on delineating areas more. This can be achieved via a controlled wash or with a dark shadow tone, that you apply to borders between areas /surfaces.


I think thinning down your paint a tad would also yield better results and make layering easier. 


I also use a wet palette. If you do not, give it a try. Really changed the way I painted.


If such small sculpts don't provide enough surface try a different approach:


  1. Basecolour nice and even. Say a dark purple.
  2. Make a glaze of a fairly light highlight colour. For purple maybe a bright blue. The glaze can be made using just water (about 5 parts water to paint) or you get a dedicated glaze medium (1:1). The latter is a better idea, as it is acrylic medium and your pigments won't separate.
  3. Wet your brush with the glaze and dab it on a piece of tissue. You want some moisture left, but not a wet brush.
  4. Now brush towards the highlight area on the miniature. You should get a blend from basecolour to the highlight colour, with pigment being the most concentrated at the end of your brush stroke. Repeat as needed.


An example for this technique is this raven:







The shield of this miniature was done with a similar technique: First you follow the same steps as above. here it is a dark green basecoat and a RMS Kraken Skin with a bit of green and yellow mixed in glaze. usually the beginning of the brush stroke will not be smooth blend, so you go back in to the transition line with a moist brush (just rinse the one you are using) and feather the line until it disappears. 






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    • By Kangaroorex
      I am not good at telling stories on paper.  my mind races far ahead of where the story wants to go and I never get it right so I will let the diorama tell itself.  this is an original copy of the Clutch of Fear produced by Ral Partha in the early 1990s.  The piece is high lead content.  so soft infact that without some strategic pinning the joints fail (or so I have been told). 
      The basic story is that 2 egg thieves come to relieve a mother dragon of one of her eggs and she comes back early catching them just as they are leaving.  The setting on the box seems to be some type of sulfur spring or volcanic hot spring and I get the impression of stillness of morning broken only by the shriek of an enraged mother.
      I went pretty classic on this one, going with the red dragon and robin blue eggs like the box art but decided that the spines and chest plates should be more contrast than the slightly darker red of the box.  I took the original base pieces included in the box and expanded them to a small diorama of a hotspring using Magic water, a transparent epoxy to create the water around the spring.  The resin developed a little bit of a lip at the edge but I wasn't willing to cut it down and risk the clarity of the water by trying to sand and polish the resin. (its more rubbery that solid and difficult to polish -- I tried on two sample pieces and it didn't work out well.)
      anyway the WIP is here if your interested:  https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/94482-a-new-year-a-new-old-dragon/
      and here are the images of the final project.  Hope everyone has as much fun looking as I did creating this.  Feel free to comment and question away as always.  The project was a lot of fun and the they got the expression of the egg thief who is looking back to see an enraged mother dragon bearing down on him just about right!

      One shot from the human's perspective to give an idea of the trouble they are in....

      And one from a mothers perspective as she hones in on the ones who are trying to steal her precious eggs!

    • By Choppertown
      More vintage minis from my childhood.  Been soaking a dozen or so in isopropyl  for about a week to get the 40 yr old enamel paint off them.  With much scrubbing some of them came out pretty clean!  Will post as they come along, here's one of my all-time favorites. I remember when I bought him in a little attic hobby shop in Ithaca, NY. Unfortunately I don't remember the packaging.  Such a stoic little dude...any ideas?


    • By Choppertown
      Continuing to dig up my childhood minis... This crazy old dragon was done back in 1984, I basically dunked him in turquoise enamel.  While not sophisticated, the color was beautiful and it's one of my all time favorite sculpts so I left it intact and decided to try adding some details. Results below!

    • By Choppertown
      Finished!  From my childhood box of unfinished baddies. He's stamped 1979, I feel old!  :)

    • By Choppertown
      Hi Gang, dug up these two tough guys from my box of childhood minis.  One was my attempt as an eleven year old using Testors model paints, got so frustrated I didn't paint again for thirty-five years. Feeling inspired after tackling my Reaper starter kits and recent Battle Troll. Got isopropyl at the drug store. Let's see how it goes... :)

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