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Pandemic's Pandora's Box

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The pandemic is a cornucopia of opportunities to role play and play table top war games. And none of that is possible in the 3D world without some kind of minis.


Time to go adventuring into the depths of the game cupboard. I was attacked, a lost my saving throw, and was buried beneath an angry horde of unfinished minis. I had forgotten the mobs of primed and partially painted minis lurking in the depths of storage dungeon, and now I must paint or be cursed by the God of gaming minis.


My adventure rewarded me with a treasure trove Sandra Garrity fighters ( 02200, 02025, 02026, 02113), a Bob Olley undead (02310), and a Ral Partha a Bastet figure. And that is just some of the hero type figures which I still need to paint. I still have not been brave enough to face off against the monsters under the bed (they are primed and only somewhat painted too).


Looks like I have a lot of work to do!


RMI 2310 St Tarkus Dire-dead  Bob Olley 1_compress70.jpg

RMI 2310 St Tarkus Dire-dead  Bob Olley 2_compress57.jpg

I really hope my paints haven't dried out.

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22 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Nice group of minis.

Can we get a better pic of Bast?

I love Egyptian stuff.

Best I could do...


official TSR D&D product by Ral Partha. I think it came in a Planescape minis box set.


It will be a bit before it is finished.





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