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Finished up the Pack Turtle. Nice detail on this model.












Paired him up with his traveling companion that I finished some time ago. On to the the rest of this group at a snails (turtles) pace...



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Five getting closer to complete. Details and Highlights mainly left to do. Have two others from this group that are about half done (not shown). Will continue to work on those, and look to prep some more...






Next group will be monsters. Change it up a bit. De-flashed/cleaned minis, and put them on bases. Will like keep the bases plain, except maybe the Hill Giant, and spruce that one up a bit. Some of the Spiders leg came off, glued them back and put black gesso over all of it to firm it up so it will not break again (hopefully). On the Giant Catfish, I Greenstuffed the neck and then used some AV paint on primer to cover. Will need to go over all of them with primer base of Tamiya fine grey (or white). Ok, off to the next mini.




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