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My Reaper addiction started with a dragon and a couple of jesters

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My Reaper habit started with a Friday night gaming session...


"Tom felt a breeze wafting up from the chamber beyond. For some reason the air was hot and heavy, even though he was walking along a passage deep in an abandoned mine."


"Ummmm. Sorry, but we have to stop here today." I did not have a dragon mini to use to harrass Tom. A salt shaker just does not have the same drama as slapping the correct monster mini down on the table. I also could not handle everyone laughing at my poor (ugly mishapen) solder dragon.


Time to take a trip to the old Lone Star Comics and see if they had a Dragon that I could afford.


As usual, walking into Lone Star was like entering Alladin's cave of treasures. Real Partha, Grenadier, Rafm, and more distinctively sparkled, beckoning, despite the cost. A Dragon was too far out of reach.


Back along the wall, there was something new. There were affordable minis on the back wall!


I was able to score a package of villagers, some weapons sprues, and a real Dragon mini.


Tom was promptly roasted to a medium rare, and eaten by the freshly painted red Dragon the next friday.


Don't laugh too hard, but this is the solder dragon in question. It is amazing what can be made with a soldering iron, a little flux, a bit of solder and a ton of patience. It did in a pinch, but was retired after the Reaper dragon made its appearance.


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15 hours ago, Iridil said:

Wonderful story - what dragon is that?

A poor but desperate attempt to create a mini from the materials on hand. I had tons of solder, so that was my first Dragon mini. It is lead, and has a ton of clear coat on it so it is sealed and safe to handle.

13 hours ago, Mad Jack said:


 Actually, that solder dragon is pretty damn cool, and you could probably turn making solder monsters and sculptures into a hobby all it's own, maybe even make a few bucks on Etsy with it...  :winkthumbs:



uhh, I am guilty of making solder slimes  too... A case of not enough money at the time, but an ample supply of solder.


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I love the solder dragon, it has so much character. It just calling out to be painted in a cartoon fashion.
I remember watching an old tv segment on youtube, it was about minifigs (I think). The sculptor used solder and cutting to modify one of their existing figures into a completely new one (napoleonic infantry with the funny bishop hat). 

The reaper dragon is good too... I guess. Its a little sad that all the jesters are laughing at him/her/it :mellow:.

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1 hour ago, Mad Jack said:


 I made a pretty decent wizard once out of solder - not modern-mini-level detail, of course, but I have seen stuff from back in the early '70's that looked worse, lol.



8 hours ago, DragonWyrm said:

I love the solder dragon, it has so much character. It just calling out to be painted in a cartoon fashion.
I remember watching an old tv segment on youtube, it was about minifigs (I think). The sculptor used solder and cutting to modify one of their existing figures into a completely new one (napoleonic infantry with the funny bishop hat). 

The reaper dragon is good too... I guess. Its a little sad that all the jesters are laughing at him/her/it :mellow:.

When I started playing RPGs, people gave me their used minis so that I would have enough figures to play in multiple groups/campaigns. Free minis are great, but my dorm room became a mini hospital where various amputations and lead cosmetic surgery occurred.


It is truly amazing what can be done with a solder iron, pins, files and snips!


Oh, those jesters... The joke was on them, and they are otyugh food now.



I happen to own a lot of those old lead minis... They have a certain charm, but today's minis have such amazing detail, and the current technology has given the sculptors more freedom in their designs! I will always have a nostalgic soft spot for the early minis, but I always look forward to the newly released designs.

Do you still have that solder wizard around? It would be totally cool to see it posted.

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I found the beginnings of the "new and improved" solder dragon. I think, had I finished it, it would have been cooler than the first dragon. I stopped working on it because someone traded me a Games Workshop Forest Dragon for a mounted Brit army figure that I had painted.


I will take of the WIP solder dragon carcass and post it if anyone is interested.


Solder is difficult to work with. It takes a light touch and sometimes the part being worked on dissolves into a puddle. I may finish the solder dragon someday, if I get past my backlog of WIPs.

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    • By Kangaroorex
      Two dragons from 2 different times, done with the same colors.  Basically I had both of these on the table and I decided to just use the same palette for both
      First up:  the Panther dragon from Ral Partha.  This guy is a long snakey one, his tail was very difficult to get to but overall fun to paint.  This mini just seems to ooze stealth as she slips round alleys and empty streets making people disappear.  This miniature has been sitting on my shelf for decades because I liked the art and the figure but I just didn't know what to do with it.  I finally just broke down and said I am going to paint this!

      Then on the flip side is the Treasure Rocky.  This little tyke has acquired his first hoard and he is insanely protective  and proud.  
      And he should be.  I was looking at the reaper store and he and most of his pals are sold out, again!  These are just a joy to paint and I 
      love painting them.  they are just so entertaining and so full of character that no matter what color you add to them or what you put them in 
      they have to shine!

      Hope you enjoy them!
    • By Evilhalfling
      So when I unpacked this Big Boi in 2017  I thought he would look really cool without wings.  but I'm it will be a lot of careful work to carve off the joins and resculpt him,  I just don't think I'm ready.  In February I did the scales for my verocthulu conversion, and thought "I could have done that better."
      So this is better.  
      This Dragon will be the colors or earth.   Burnt Umber base, and a hide scattered with Burnt Sienna, Tusk Ivory, and Leather Brown with ochre and NNM gold colors on the belly. 
      perhaps some cool gray or blue washes in the shadows.   The scales will be individually shaded, and the hide below staying the color of brown liner, or umber in the well lit areas. 
      So far its been about 4 hrs of work in sculpting, cleaning, gluing and mold line removal.
      it took 45 min just to cover him in brown liner.  He is a really big dragon, and I have no idea how long this is going to take. 
      but im getting a little obesessed - I don't want to schedule a meeting or go grocery shopping, I want to add more paint... 
      this feels like how I ended up with a dragon named Insomnia - who was painted almost entirely between 10pm and 7 am.   I kept waking up with new color ideas. 
      Or the DDS2 dragon who I spent 2-4 hours a day painting for a solid week, and another hour a night for the week after.  
      The last picture is my inspiration for the scale colors - the eyes will be much simpler than this. 


    • By SparrowMarie
      I painted up the Annoyed Rocky as Spyro the Dragon because when I got it that is what it screamed at me to do. I even took some time to do a little basing.

    • By Kangaroorex
      I am not good at telling stories on paper.  my mind races far ahead of where the story wants to go and I never get it right so I will let the diorama tell itself.  this is an original copy of the Clutch of Fear produced by Ral Partha in the early 1990s.  The piece is high lead content.  so soft infact that without some strategic pinning the joints fail (or so I have been told). 
      The basic story is that 2 egg thieves come to relieve a mother dragon of one of her eggs and she comes back early catching them just as they are leaving.  The setting on the box seems to be some type of sulfur spring or volcanic hot spring and I get the impression of stillness of morning broken only by the shriek of an enraged mother.
      I went pretty classic on this one, going with the red dragon and robin blue eggs like the box art but decided that the spines and chest plates should be more contrast than the slightly darker red of the box.  I took the original base pieces included in the box and expanded them to a small diorama of a hotspring using Magic water, a transparent epoxy to create the water around the spring.  The resin developed a little bit of a lip at the edge but I wasn't willing to cut it down and risk the clarity of the water by trying to sand and polish the resin. (its more rubbery that solid and difficult to polish -- I tried on two sample pieces and it didn't work out well.)
      anyway the WIP is here if your interested:  https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/94482-a-new-year-a-new-old-dragon/
      and here are the images of the final project.  Hope everyone has as much fun looking as I did creating this.  Feel free to comment and question away as always.  The project was a lot of fun and the they got the expression of the egg thief who is looking back to see an enraged mother dragon bearing down on him just about right!

      One shot from the human's perspective to give an idea of the trouble they are in....

      And one from a mothers perspective as she hones in on the ones who are trying to steal her precious eggs!

    • By Rahz
      After 10 months, I finally dusted this off and finished it in an attempt to find some hobby mojo again.  Dragon is from Artisan Guild and was printed on the elegoo Mars almost a year ago. 
      Basecoated, drybrushed tan and then multiple washes layered before another quick drybrush and a final wash.  It was printed in clear green resin and the eyes and crystals on the rock were simply given a layer of Tamiya Clear Green after the mask was removed.  Crystals on the base are from Anarchy Models, again with a quick layer of Tamiya Clear green.  Reaper base with some Vallejo texture paste. 

      Thanks for looking. 
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