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WhiteWulfe tackles Operation Kaldstrom (Plus Beyond)

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So, a little while ago I had these two lovely packages come in because I wanted to give the new "rules condensed" version of Infinity a go, and sadly neither the HaqqIslam I use or the Ariadna hubby uses for N3 are in Code One, so....  Well, as one might expect, we wound up picking up a new starter box, because of various reasons.  Anyways, Yu Jing was always my second choice for an army, and Rune liked the new look for the PanOceania figures, so that made life moderately easier.... ^_^


Keen eyed observers will notice that Rune's PanO aren't getting as many units.  Well, yeah, there's a partial reason for that - I had a basic idea already of what I wanted with my Yu Jing for N3, specifically that of being able to field the Invincible Army sectorial at some point due to my LOVE of their heavy infantry, and since pretty much all of the models I was looking at are usable in Code One that pretty much sealed the deal for me right then and there...  Obviously more will be added in for Rune's side as he plays the game more, and figures out what kind of units he would like (and likes the look of).



^So a few days ago this is where things were at, after the use of a pair of GreenStuffWorld rollers, specifically Runes (for, uh, Rune's PanO), and Small Cobblestones (for my Yu Jing), and after several hours of assembly over three nights if I remember correctly, here's where things were...



^And phase one of basing complete.  Vallejo terrain goop, I love you.


Okay, I'll admit, I wound up covering up more details than I had originally planned, but such is life - some of the original elements are still there, which is good enough in my opinion, at least for now.  I'll still get the basic idea across, although with some of them it's more going to be easter eggs in the bases, but such is life.



^And a blurry shot of how things look at the moment, with phase 2 of the basing.  Essentially, I wound up using that mix of four different types of ballast that I'd created a decade and a half ago (I mixed up a LOT of it o_O) to help even out the transitions, as well as any garish spots where the terrain paste didn't quite solidify how I was thinking it was going to...  And also as a bit of an element to tie both factions together, since they're both technically fighting over Svarlheim, or however it's spelt ::P:


Yeah, I know it's yet another WIP thread for me, but my Infinity focus shifted from N3 to Code One for the moment due to smaller table size, and newer, more streamlined rules.  That and a desire to give these minis a shot, and to hopefully see about painting them faster than my usual pace ^_^

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Phase three of basing is more or less done, and by that, I mean I'm stopping myself from messing around even more with them ::P:


^First up are my Yu Jing.  Sniper on the right in the first pic will get some gaps filled, because that cape/back piece just wouldn't line up how I wanted it to, and even trying to bend it didn't work out so well due to how thick it is.  Looks like my phone doesn't enjoy focusing on metal minis, at least with stuff in the background <_<



^And hubby's PanO minions.


Time to seal that ballast down, clean everything, and then prime.  Looking forward to seeing these primed up, even if some of them I'm not certain at all as to what kind of colours I'll be going with ^_^;;;

On 7/29/2020 at 4:22 AM, Kuroneko said:

Looking good! I also picked up Kladstrom(and Beyond!), but they've been quietly shuffled into the cupboard shame for the moment. Really looking forward to seeing what you do with these.


I was back and forth on them once they were announced, but then eventually I said "y'know what, screw it, I like the models, might as well get it", doubly so since hubby seemed curious about it having less complicated rules ^_^  I'm kind of thinking some sort of hot pink for the Yu Jing as I was originally planning on such before anyways, and as for the PanO...  Yeah, that's going to be an interesting one to try and figure out, that's for sure.  No idea why, but I keep getting vibes that purple is going to be a dominant colour...


On 7/29/2020 at 5:42 AM, Glitterwolf said:


Many thanks!  I really like what Corvus Belli has done with these minis, as there's a decent amount of "we bring the pain" but also a good amount of individuality in each one.  I'm just hoping I didn't go totally overboard with adding to the bases, since I really would like to have more than just the occasional peek of those rollers showing through ^_^

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I was sorely tempted to pick up that Kaldstrom box myself, but I don't know if I would actually get around to playing it. Let me know what you think of the new game rules and if it truly is more beginner-friendly to get started in. A lot of the Infinity terminology makes my head spin a bit.


I spy an Aquila Guard in your haul - look forward to seeing how yours turns out (I really love that model and pose), as well as all of these bases!

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On 7/31/2020 at 5:08 PM, Al Capwn said:

I was sorely tempted to pick up that Kaldstrom box myself, but I don't know if I would actually get around to playing it. Let me know what you think of the new game rules and if it truly is more beginner-friendly to get started in. A lot of the Infinity terminology makes my head spin a bit.


I spy an Aquila Guard in your haul - look forward to seeing how yours turns out (I really love that model and pose), as well as all of these bases!

I can't really compare all that well between Code One and N3 due to a lack of experience with it (only a few demo games, no actual full games so far), but I can definitely comment on Code One as we progress through it! ^_^


And yup, there's definitely an Aquila Guard in there, as well as an Akalis Sikh Command for Rune's force.  I also have two blisters for myself that I forgot to put into those photos - Tiger Soldiers, and the Haidao with Multi-Sniper


44 minutes ago, Standifer said:

Neat work on the bases. I’m looking forward to seeing them painted!

Interesting that you mention such...  Primer's still drying, but we do indeed have some paint on the minis...!!



^Mixed 10 drops Tan Primer into 20 drops Grey Primer, then added 4-5 drops of Brown to darken it a touch...  Not the best of pics because, well, I'd rather not be moving minis around while primer cures ^_^;;;



^For the primer on the Yu Jing, since I'll be going slightly darker on them, I added five or six drops of Black primer to the previous mix.



And so now the fun begins - we both like the idea of purple with "bronze/copper" like colouration, and as for the swords...  The Knight of Justice will resemble the Sword of Leah from the Shannara series, but tweaked (so still an opaque black blade, but with a pearlescent white kind of fire dancing within it), while the Infirmarer of Saint Lazarus (forever known from now on in this WIP as "the blade doctor") will go with a more traditional steel colour.


For the Yu Jing, I'm seriously thinking some sort of vibrant pink (hot raver pink maybe? lol) alongside uhm...  Haven't quite gotten there yet, but combination of earth tones such as brown and/or green.

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Today we had a variety of things, namely actual colour go down on the minis!


Paints used...

PanOceania: Drakenhof Nightshade (aka blue shade), Druchii Violet (aka purple shade), Reaper Styx Purple

Yu Jing: Agrax Earthshade (aka brown shade), Reaper Heraldic Red


First up we have hubby's PanO, because I'm feeling nice.  That and I like how his turned out for a base ^_^;;;;  First up they got blue shade followed by purple shade from Citadel on cloth, unless they were mostly armoured minis, and which it was the armour that got such a treatment.  Once I was happy with how that looked, I then drybrushed on (albeit somewhat heavier than originally planned, but oh well) Styx Purple.  Main goal was to go with something that was relatively quick and painless to do, give somewhat of a consistent look, AND would help me come up with a better idea of where to go with the minis.  For such, I'm rather happy to say the least.



^So first up we have the Infirmarer (who will be getting some of "my" colours), Boyg soldier (with missile launcher!), and then the Knight of Justice.  Knight of Justice wouuuuld have been done up in "Rune's colours", but there's one slight unfortunate part to the figure - it's a female knight.  I've no problem painting such, so it looks like I'll be adding in a box of Knights Hospitaller and/or the Icestorm boxed set to get him the figure he would want to be painted as himself ^_^



^Next up we have the uh, uhm.... A Fusilier, Varg (with Spitfire!), WinterFor Orc Troop, and Nokken...



^Last up we have the other two Fusiliers (PanO's core trooper), and a Locust with Marksman Rifle



Next up, we have my boys of discord... Errr, furious vengeance?  No idea.  They're my Yu Jing :P


Paint so far on these is just two steps - Agrax Earthshade on most things, and then a drybrush of Heraldic Red over most of the armour.  it didn't quite work out as well as it did on the PanO minis, but oh well, such is life.  it's still a good, solid baseline to work with so I'm still quite happy about that!


^So here we have the Guilang Skirmisher, Jujak (Korean Shock Regiment), Daofei, and Hundun Ambush Unit.  I love how the Guilang's unit marker is that of a GHOST WOLF!



^Then of course we have my three Zhanshi's, the main core trooper!



1 hour ago, Standifer said:

They will certainly be a colorful lot!

I'm hoping they turn out nice and colourful!  They won't be quite as vibrant as the plans I'm drumming up for my eventually acquired Nomads (since I'll get some Nomads when I buy Icestorm), as those I'm planning some sort of rather bright and vivid cyber-punk inspired look ^_^;;;

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It might be a few days before I post any more painting pics, as a whole week of an annoyingly potent heat wave is definitely leaving its toll energy wise, and we have a heat warning again, and I'm already exhausted because of the previous heat.. >.<


Odds are I'll use the time to assemble some more minis to keep things at least rolling, but if able I'll sit down and do a bit of painting here and there. 


Me and heat really do not get along well. 


On the flipside of it all, yesterday I took the time to do a bunch of organizing and tidying up of my desks, so my two main workspaces are definitely looking a lot tidier, and I actually have room to work at my painting area.  Still feels weird to see all those extra minis and stuff removed from in front of all of my dropper bottles though, but I'm sure I'll adapt.  There's also an entire shelf full of Infinity minis now, with two that are painted... Hopefully with more painted soon! ^_^;;;;

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Been slowing working at getting some assembled...  Or in this case, cleaned up so I can assemble them! ^_^



Going top down, on the left, we have a Ye Mao Infantry (apparently with an AP Spitfire), Shang Ji hacker (with Multi-rifle), and Jing Qo (a... named character?  Seems like it) for my Yu Jing....  And on the right we have a Daofei (with HMG), Hsien (I think... With HMG), aaaand a Tiger Soldier (Combi-Rifle + Light Flamethrower)...  At least assuming that I've gone and identified everything correctly ^_^;;;


Y'know, I just realized something...  There's a decent amount of shotguns in the models I've chosen... As well as things like heavy machine guns.  Oh, and swords.  A decent amount of swords by the look of things...

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^And the previous six Yu Jing minis are assembled, with two of them based!  The three on the right are going to have to have the superglue fully cure before I can work on attaching them to the base - the Hsien in the middle was a particular pain with getting everything to work out, and by pain I mean literal - Those four spiky pieces that attach to his backpack do a number on your fingers!  Oh, and the Daofei (top right) wasn't enjoyable to put together either, the lower half of his trenchcoat/cape/whatever wouldn't stay on until I got rather creative with my use of gel superglue...  Better pics tomorrow once they're all based - I'll have to roll out some more bases tomorrow, although I'm debating if I'll go along with my plans from months ago for the Red Veil minis to use the asphalt stamp from Happy Seppuku, or if I'll use the same small cobblestones I did on the Kaldstrom minis.  Tough call, but for some reason, I'm liking the idea of the asphalt stamp for the ten from the Red Veil set, as it will offer a bit of extra variety, and also more options for me to mess around with on the basing front...



^Also, painting desk has been more or less tidied up, at least if we ignore the dust (I didn't realize there was so much here!) and in order to try and keep it relatively tidy, as well as my attentions mostly focused, I have three minis from each army on here, plus a few extras.  There are a few more off camera on the right, but there's only a total of 21 minis on my desk at the moment, and I plan on slowly bringing that down to the 16-18 mark.  This isn't necessarily to just focus what I'm working on, but it's also to keep clutter reduced, and so I have room to actually work on things, and can leave space in between them in order to actually get them...


You might also notice a pattern to how I've got things, at least if you sort of know Infinity models: for each force, there's one regular "grunt" or line infantry model in there.  There are a few reasons for this, but the biggest one quite simply is so that I'm not just painting the flashier, more dynamically posed minis, I'm also painting the regular/bulk troopers as well.  My goal is to go with either one of two ways: first thought is no more for that faction until all three are painted, while the other is a 1:1 rate, aka balance the line troopers and the more specialized or higher damage models.  We'll see how it pans out, naturally, but it also works out with my gameplan for each of my WIP threads - this one it's prioritizing Kaldstrom+Beyond, as that will give us 25 point Code One forces (which will probably be close to 300 point N3 armies - I'd say N4 as well, but who knows how those balances will play out...  Well, we'll know in a few weeks, pre-order hype week starts on Monday, after all).

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Aaaaaand back over to the assembly desk.  Couldn't decide between painting and assembling tonight, so the deciding factor was a desire to re-watch Food Wars, which is much easier to do on my tablet at the assembly desk, so......  Assembly it was!



^Blurrrgh, Yu Jing names will be the end of me *cheats and looks up at previously posted pics*  Okay, from left to right we have....

Shang Ji Hacker, Dao Fei w/HMG, Tiger Soldier Zuyong (with Combi-rifle), Hsien with HMG (aka MISTER SPIKEY), and Ye Mao Infatry.  Jing Qo is out of shot to the right - she's assembled, but currently not based as I have to make up some more bases first.  I just now realized I mis-identified the Zuyong as a Tiger Soldier, which is probably because of how tired I was - they have rather tell-tale backpacks since they're parachutists/combat drop soldiers....



^Next up we have a few things, so I'll start with the giant mess of trimmed metal a fox really should tidy up the two on the far left - we have an Aquila Guard as well as Akalis Sikh for Rune....  On the top row we have a Zhanying (with Breaker Combi Rifle), a Zhanshi (with Combi-Rifle), and a Haidao (who has a Multi-Sniper, but isn't in Code One - he'll be a proxy for other things, and I just totally wanted to paint him...)  Bottom row we have two Tiger Warriors (first one has a Spitfire, the second has a Boarding Shotgun), and then two Zhanshi (with combi-rifles).  These minis have had excess metal trimmed, but still need additional cleaning up before I can glue them together, which will probably be tomorrow's gameplan.  Three minis remain within the box containing my Red Veil+Beyond minis, which by process of elimination would be the actual Tiger Soldier w/CombiRifle+Light flamethrower, Ninja w/Tactical Bow, and a Guilang w/Multi-Sniper Rifle.


Looking forward to some assembly as well as painting tomorrow, but for now, it's time for this fox to get some sleep!

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Pretty much got told by hubby to work on my minis today, as I couldn't decide whether to put paint on my Yu Jing or his PanO.  Welp, that made it easier.  We'll just ignore the ten minutes of trying to figure out which shade I was going to go with, choose again three more times, and then walk across the room and go "yeah, Mission Models Red feels right"....  And then thin it down a touch too much compared to what I had wanted.  Oh well, in the end, such wound up actually working in my favour, so I'm calling it a draw.



^So first and foremost, let's get the "boring" stuff out of the way.  Five more Yu Jing models join the assembled ranks!



^Next up we have shotgun guy, sword guy, and "isn't my hair awesome" Zhanshi.  odd how I can remember the line trooper, but everyone else is this weird argleblargh of a blur when I try to remember what they're called.  Seriously am considering painting their names either on the undersides, or the back of their bases so I can remember!  These pics were taken with painting lights on - subsequent ones I turned the lights off, since they weren't anywhere near as glaring or shiny...



^I'm absolutely loving the possibilities with this guy's cloak/trenchcoat.  Well, that and the giant shotgun he has too.  This is also the mini where I realized that the thinner than I wanted paint would be an asset, because that splotchyness from the washes will actually work in my favour with regards to weathering the cloak... Assuming I don't inadvertently cover such up over time, that is ^_^;;;



^Sword guy's cloak-thing has a lot of possibilities as well..  (I think he's a Daofei with HMG, but I honestly keep forgetting the names)



^She didn't get anywhere near as much red, as I suspect she'll be seeing more of the leathery tones due to, well, there being a lot more fabric/leather showing than armour - it's almost like she's a light infantry, and therefore not having as much armour!  Either way, her hair is clearly better than the other two's!:devil:


I'd put some sort of witty comment here, but boy do I need sleep, so night!

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Today's colours:

9458 Kobold Scale

9286 Punk Rock Pink



^So weird that my S20+ takes better pics with the painting lights turned off *shrugs*  Technology I guess.  Also, according to my previous notes "shotgun guy" is actually a Guilang Skirmisher, "sword guy" is a Daofei, and the Zhanshi is, well, still a Zhanshi line trooper ::P:


Wound up sticking with the thinner than usual for me paint, which meant I had to do 3-4 layers, but at the same time, it seems to be more even, and easier to get the colour more dialed in how I want it.  I'm seriously considering the idea of going with some sort of roughed up / aged black leather for things like pants and shirts on shotgun guy and the Zhanshi, while I'm thinking some sort of "roughed up" medium grey on the sleeves and lower part of the Daofei's (sword guy) cloak/trenchcoat.


I think I wound up mixing paint something like four times, each time adding another 4-5 drops of Punk Rock Pink into the mix plus Vallejo Thinner Medium.  Not going to lie - going this thin on paint I can see the reasoning behind it, but gawds it's frustrating having to go over the same area multiple times!  On the plus side, it is letting me keep a lot of the earlier stuff, so it's a half and half kind of thing in the end? :devil:


All in, I believe it was around two hours or so of painting today, with several breaks scattered through, but still.

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