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WhiteWulfe tackles Operation Kaldstrom (Plus Beyond)

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Today's colours: uhhhh... Numerous, and I forgot *laughs nervously*  It was mostly browns and greys, with Citadel's red and brown shades also seeing use...



^First up is the Guilang Skirmisher...



^Then we have the Daofei...



^And 1/3 Zhanshi, aka "look at my fabulous hair while I destroy you" lady ::P:


We're getting there.  I feel the bases are definitely missing something, the cobblestones they're walking on could also use some definition, and naturally the guns also need some paint, as do things like the fur....

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On 8/17/2020 at 5:32 PM, Standifer said:

Looking good!

I agree though that the bases need something, just not sure what exactly.

That's always the fun part, eh?  Trying to figure out that last little thing that the bases are missing.  I also just realized my Zhanshi is currently missing a face *laughs nervously*  Apparently I never painted her face, or hair...


On 8/20/2020 at 1:05 AM, Glitterwolf said:

Good job!

Hmm, maybe some small scatter on the bases?

Discarded ammo, a small crate, a newspaper , a tin can, a bottle?

Oooooh, expended shell casings could definitely look nice, especially on the Guilang Skirmisher.  I keep contemplating such in my Secret Weapon orders...  Tufts could also be useful, although at the moment I only have



^Slightly out of focus in a few areas, but here's from two days ago.  Drybrushed the base in the following order...  9433 Mountain Stone, 9089 Cloudy Grey, 9434 Wolf Grey, then 73407 Blitzkrieg Gray...  Then I believe it was Secret Weapon Stone Wash dabbed about semi-randomly followed by another pass of Wolf Grey and Blitzkrieg Grey.  I'm liking the greyer base, and I'll be re-blacking the edges of the base shortly, and will probably make the line of sight pips Wolf Grey, so they stand out against the black.  I feel I could do a bit more with the base, and yeah, not going to lie, I do want to do more.



^Hmmmm, a few ideas are starting to form...  Yeah, sure, the environment these models are aimed towards is a frozen and inhospitable world (called Svalarheima), but in all honesty, I'm not really a fan of such, and sooooo many have gone with snow bases anyways.  That and I'm not necessarily a fan of snowy bases, at least for my models - many can do it rather nicely ^_^  Besides, given the high enough tech level of the game itself, I could easily see there being biomes set up that would be much more... desirable to live in.


So first and foremost, I'm going to look into hitting up a few areas with some of the Secret Weapon washes I have, and I could easily see there being a bit of clutter in amongst those cobbles, be it grass starting to come up, random grit and grime, or leaf debris.  Naturally, I probably won't use all of these things, but I've had them for a while and kind of want to give them a shot...  I also strongly suspect that I'll be picking up most of the Vallejo pigments, the other three colours of Field Grass from Woodland Scenics, and then the Highland and Mountain tuft sets from Army Painter to round things out.


But yeah, got a few different ideas going, and hopefully those ideas will not only pan out, but also look rather nice in the end ^_^

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Paints today: Secret Weapon Washes (Hard Body and Flesh), Secret Weapon Pigments (Dark Earth, Terracotta Earth, Clay Brown), as well as 9434 Wolf Grey and Dragon Black.  Oh right, 9452 Blade Steel and 9205 Blackened Steel were also used.


So yeah, first up I black rimmed the bases, and then used Wolf Grey for the line of sight markers.... Then I went... Hmm, hey, let's try out pigments! (well, okay, the first try was on another mini in another thread, but still)...  And promptly all that black rimming went poof, and I'm going to have to touch up the LOS markings.  Oh well....




Things done:

- Obligatory WHOOOPS spilling of one of the pigments!  ...Lost about a fifth or so of my Terracotta Earth, and it took like fifteen minutes to clean up, grrr

- Hard Body Wash to add separation between bottoms of feet and the bases, as well as add more depth to the cobblestones

- Flesh Wash added to the holes area on the Daofei's cloak.  Not quite sure what my thoughts are on that yet, truth be told.

- Pigments added in a semi-scattered about not really planned fashion to the bases' texture work.

- Daofei got a bit of I think it was Blackened Steel added onto the edges of his sword.


I feel like I'm forgetting something, but I'm rather tired, and need to get some sleep ^_^;;;;

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