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This is also in the graveyard... a statue or not? I spent more time on this than you might think, and well, it will do, but not sure the subtle colors are worth it or really work out better than just a quicker all over stone look.



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5 hours ago, Rigel said:

The muted reds and yellows are worth it! Stone is rarely uniform and lichen grows where it will. The sort of understated touch that brings the piece together.


Thanks -  It took me a couple of tries. In game, it is possible for events to turn it back to flesh.... so was trying to hint it wasn't quite a statue and make one figure for both states.

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      The battle against the forces of evil takes place on many levels. Sometimes it's a clash of mighty armies, whilst other times terrifying behemoths clash in the sky, terrifying the populace for miles around. Others.....well, they're far more personal.
      This was my contribution to this years Secret Sophie gift exchange. It portrays the winner of a long, hard won battle between evenly matched opponents and I suspect the only thing keeping that little dragon up is pride and a good dose of adrenaline



      This was a number of firsts for me- my first semi successful NMM attempt, first ever diorama and first Secret Sophie. I had a great time and I'll certainly do it again!
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      Here are a few new additions to my Bones monster collection:
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      77260 Ape Demon. The Barlgura in D&D does not have wings, but they look too cool the remove. More subtle difference in coloring here. I thought about doing one in brown and one in black, but black so dull.


      77117 Vandorendra, Snake Demon (I'm not sure why she gets a proper name and the other two don't... I also don't know why I did not take both front and back shots of her.)
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      There is another from this group that can be found over in the conversion thread.
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      77176 Wolf
      77216: Wolf, Wolverinex2, bear, eagle
      77392: Peryton
      77230: Ankheg
      77262: Vulture Demon
      77198: Barrow Rats
      77259: Fly Demon
      Clearing back log to prepare for Bones 3 by painting up similarly-colored minis

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      Balor is (mostly) base coated. Pictures, as usual, reveal hard-to-notice flaws.
      Vrock has been bathed and boiling-water dipped and is currently drying.
      Babau is about 3/4 done I think.


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