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Generic Fighter

Give Me Some Ideas Folks(August Hobby Goals)

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-Try to get at least some of the minis that have been on my desk for months finished.

-Two Witches (mostly basecoated)

-Graveguard Unit and Two Vampires (slowly chipping away at these, five out of twelve are already complete)

-Witch Hunters (currently stuck in middle of parchment/white clothing blending, should speed up once I get past this point)

-two 1/25 1932 Fords (finish painting interiors and assembly)

-1/25 1969 Mercury Cougar (had to repaint body, still needs another coat, adding detail to interior, needs assembly, started on it in 2000, might live to see it finished at current rate.)

-Witch Hunter Chapter House (set to the side until I can get some more minis finished)

-Mausoleum scenery piece (would like to finish before Halloween, probably Halloween of 2060 at current rate)


-Most importantly find where sense of motivation/inspiration has been hiding itself for last several months, and drag it back kicking and screaming if need be.


September ideas...

Autumn Hath Come, Greet It With Minis!

September Paint Plotting and Scheming: Praise Be To Vulcan Edition

The Great Pumpkin Is Coming! Look Busy By Painting Something!

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