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Will you dance?


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8 hours ago, Bustawolf said:

That's from Wrath of Kings it's a cmon mini. Love the sculpt she has a ton of personality. Excellent paint job too btw.


Thanks for the ID.  They're a bit delicate, but I thought it was a fun change of style from what I usually paint. 

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She is a LOVELY little miniature, BEAUTIFULLY painted....AND 


Shall we dance on a bright cloud of music;

Shall we fly? Shall we dance?

Shall we then say "Good night!" & mean goodbye,

Or, perchance, when the last little star has left the sky,

Shall we still be together with our arms around each other

And shall you be my new romance?

On the clear understanding that this kind of thing can happen,

Shall we dance; shall we dance; shall we dance?


That has been playing through my head since I first saw the title yesterday...thank you Inarah; I always loved that song. VERY WELL DONE!

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