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Having never played a tabletop game

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I feel lost, everyone talks about how much fun Warlords is...but I have no point of reference from Warhammer or any of that.


So are there some webpages that can explain at least the basics of what y'all are talking about?


For instance...




I avoided Warhammer because It wasn't my style...I prefer fantasy to sci-fi, and wasn't about to spend thousands on army's...


This looks like it's gonna be alot cheaper, and if it's not something I play long term...I still have cool looking fantasy mini's for my DnD games...



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Yeah in Houston...I noticed there's a guy in Pasadena...I may have to look him up and see what he's up to...


Otherwise...I may just see what's going on in DFW and make a road trip up there for giggles...*grin* I'm not married and don't have to get permission...laugh.


Disclaimer, I'm not making fun of people who are misera...er married...it's just simplified my life some being single.

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You can also call your local Reaper retailer and ask if there are any demo games. This would give you a chance to learn the rules and probably try out some factions before you plunk down a chunk of change.


You can get started with a Warlord and a couple packs of grunts, or put minis you have on 1" square bases and try those.


You can learn the basic rules in about ten minutes and run a simple game in under two hours.


RAV, by the way, is Ranged Attack Value. Something you shouldn't worry about until you have a couple of games under your belt.

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