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Dan's Build Journal #4 - The Ranger's Camp (COMPLETE)

Dan S

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10 minutes ago, snitchythedog said:

Very nice work.  One question.  Are the tall brown stalks dried flowers or a product?  Always on the lookout for a new product!!



Both!  It is one of the dried grasses from dioramapresepe's range of plants, I just trimmed the tips off and used those as they are a bit too long for our 28mm scale otherwise.  I cant recommend them enough, the guy who runs it is fantastic, every time I order I always end up with a little bonus in my box that I wasn't expecting.




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On 8/21/2020 at 3:40 AM, AussieAusborn said:

So cool!!! I especially love the campfire you did, it's absolutely *chef's kiss*!


On 8/21/2020 at 5:23 AM, Sharkbelly said:

That little lean-to is fantastic. I love all of the materials you have worked into the whole diorama.


Thanks for the kind words guys.

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