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Temple of the broken spires ( arabian theme)

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Hi everybody! Here's our first Patreon set!! 
Temple of the broken spires is an arabian themed high quality miniature set. 
Includes: -11 awesome characters, 

                 - scatter terrain and props

                 - OpenLock compatible tiles to create your unique dungeon!


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    • By Brianuk
      The latest Rangers of Shadow Deep book is set in a desert so have gone through the lead pile to see what Eastern and Arabic flavoured minis I have. I also have some sand banks and desert terrain which am adding to. 
      Really enjoyed painting this mini which is by Diehard miniatures (sculptor Tim Prow). Went for a pale pallette, over an Army Painter cream undercoat and an all over umber ink wash. Am probably not adding tufts to these bases (although do that for western minis). 

    • By Rigel
      Some more capable fellas from the Near East. Love these two; so much personality. 

      "It was said there was a Cave of Wonders around here somewhere, was it not? I see no caves, much less any wonders! Did I not tell you, Sallah, to stop the camel and ask for directions?"

      "O delight of my eyes, may it go ill with me on the Day of Judgement if I have led us astray! I tell you it is around here somewhere!"

      Used metallic turquoise for Jasmine's sirwal and turban stripes. 
    • By Rigel
      This young lady has Strong Opinions and is prepared to express them in incisive and cutting fashion! Her patience for foolishness is...minimal.

      Got the eyes right purely by happy accident.

    • By SamuraiJack
      About this project
       Well... We are back again! With Our 3rd Kickstarter for STL Files! 28mm Sci-fi Buildings and Scenery!
      First up is our main Pledge, For £40 you will receive all of this!
      Stretch Goals!
      Missed Our last Kickstarters? 
      For £130 You can get all three Kickstarters!
      28mm Modular Buildings - STL Files - OpenLOCK
       28mm Universal Tile Kickstarter - Modern
    • By SamuraiJack
      You arrive at the town of Ergül, it is a small town, very small; some would say it does not even merit to be called a town. After being lost for a couple days even this small haven, is very welcome.
      The Village has a small tavern, on the wooden sign hanging outside the door is a carving of an Axolote holding a foamy mug. The tavern is made of wooden planks, the second level appears never to have been finished. The other building on town is a small stone-walled house. Outside the tavern you see a humanoid figure, much like the Axolote, holding a foamy mug, he waves at you and invites you into his tavern.
      Included in every base pledge  
      All pledge levels are for 3d printable .STL files, in all pledges are included both Dragonbite and Openlock compatible frames, that can be used with other tiles of this systems. Make sure to visit them and see their catalog, they have some amazing things.
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