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Piano wire or paperclip size?

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I've seen some folks recommending the use of piano wire to open up clogged Reaper dropper nozzles, or to open tips that were not fully opened during the production process.


But piano wire comes in different gauges (diameters/thicknesses). Does anyone have a recommendation for what kind of wire to get?


I'm also considering getting a box of paperclips instead, but I have the same question there.

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Ordinary office paper clips should be fine. I don't know anything about piano wire.  You can also use quilt pins, which are about 2" long and can be found in most craft stores, as well as T-pins which have a convenient handle on the end.  I have also used 5" metal kebab skewers, but they are harder to find. 


If you order the Reaper HobbyBox swag you will get an official Reaper pokey tool along with some other cool stuff.  




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Depending on how pernickety you want to be, a properly sized flat-ended piece of wire (like a paper clip) will be better for your nozzles than a pointed one (like a pin) as it pushes the obstruction back out of the shaft, while a point can pass through the obstruction and push it outwards, expanding the plastic of the nozzle. An obstruction that is pierced, but not displaced, by a pin can also just close up again as the deformed plastic regains its shape.

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