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Vale Guards

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At least, for those with the rulebook.


Are Elven Vale guards grunts, adepts, or breakers or what? I heard that they're coming out this month, so I was wondering what they were so I know how many blisters to buy of them lol.


Thanks for any replies.... ^_^

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The rule book has Vale Archers, Vale Warriors (what you're talking about, I think), Vale Long Thorns (spearmen with reach), Vale Breakers (with two-handed weapons), and Death Seekers (the only adepts, they have two weapons).



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As this is an easy question as well, I though I'd put it in this thread.


This not really clear from the photo's and descriptions, but the vale guard(and other elves), do they they have fixed poses, or are the arms etc separate? The blister comes with 3 minis, but the box with a lot more, so I was wondering if you'd end up with multiple copies of the same pose or not.


I ask this as I am mainly interested in the minis.




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