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All Of Them Witches: Crooked Dice Cultist, Goatman


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...and whilst gathering Firewood of an evening, I chanced to see a glow from a clearing a-nearby and hear sounds as of Chanting; taking it upon myfelf to enquire further, and creeping to the edge of yon Clearing I beheld Gooddame Wembley and Goodwife Jessup comporting themfelves oddly round a curious ring of stones; likewise with them was an uncanny Moppet malign of afpect, conftructed of string and rags, and also Effigies of wood and bracken made, which same did appear to move of their own Accord as though they had Volition, and did consort with thofe worthies...



...Prefently there appeared from out the Foreft a Hierophant, chasubled and mantled with vainglorious trappings akin to any robed Prieft of ROME, with a Ram's skull to mask therewith, and brandishing an Axe with Divelish cries and ensorcellments moft terrible to hear, which Cacophony was join'd by the other two and likewife a black Cat which wove in and out from between their legs...




...Anon came forth a monstrous Fiend, in shape like a Man from the Belly upwards and like unto a Goat below, crook-legged, hoov'd, and hairy, unclad, and similarly with a Countenance like that of a Ram's from shoulders upwards, the skull being without Skin or Flesh, yet do I atteft this was in no wise any mask, but its veritable Head undisguif'd; and the three of them did make obeisance to the Thing and venerated it abandon'dly with blafphemous Rites more Hellish and vile than thofe of the unregenerate Heathen, and the wooden Effigies did dance the while, and the Moppet also... 






...whereupon with clean Conscience I could endure to see no more, and fled. Thif I do atteft before God and before the Affembly to be a full and complete Account of my Experience in the wood that night, and affix my Hand thereunto, the same being



Another from Crooked Dice! I've posted Dita (80006) and Estra (60198) last Fall in the Early Modern Monster Hunters series, but Crooked Dice's Wasteland Cultist and Goatman are new. (There's an almost identical mini to the Cultist in the 'Children of the Fields' line, but I like the more tattered version here.) The Goatman is just straight-up creepy in a way that many more overtly brutal or vicious sculpts are not. 

No demon genitals are visible on the model but I have placed the full frontal view in a spoiler just in case. 


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Another wonderful setting, the addition of the constructs is perfect - and I really like the cultist with the goat mask with the goatman - the contrast makes it even more creepy! Like the pasty skin tone - a touch unatural.

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17 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

I absolutely love it!

This asks for a Trial in Salem style!

Thank you! I really want to run a BRP-based game in that Salem/Solomon Kane era, something akin to this in flavor: http://udan-adan.blogspot.com/2018/10/bringing-down-hammer-part-12-my-own.html  

11 hours ago, Iridil said:

Another wonderful setting, the addition of the constructs is perfect - and I really like the cultist with the goat mask with the goatman - the contrast makes it even more creepy! Like the pasty skin tone - a touch unatural.

I appreciate it! Those constructs will never photograph well for me, but they are witchy as hell. They're a great pair of sculpts--what setting WOULDN'T benefit from a ram-horned cultist with an axe?! For that goatman I first tried dead black, then tanned flesh, but nothing worked well as the Corpse Pale/Grave Flesh combo. Seemed fitting somehow, especially with the dark fur.

17 hours ago, Lord of the Dish Pit said:

Very Nice! Both in thy painting, and thy description thereof. I think what hits home with the goatman is that other than his lower legs, there isn't all that much fantastical about him, which sells that concept in a way that other sculpts don't. "Oh, a dude with a goat mask...wait a minute..."

High praise, for thou knowest from witches, dost not? (Big fan of the 'Against Old Night' project you're doing.)  Those Jacobean settlers in a New England Canaan sure did love their run-on sentences.
Yes, for sure the Goatman is straight out of the deepest crannies of the Uncanny Valley. Ghastly!

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