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The Blade of Heaven: Masaki, Ronin (03524)


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12 hours ago, Iridil said:

Beautiful freehand!

I appreciate it! The lightning was an excuse to use some Vallejo fluorescent my FLGS got recently.

16 hours ago, BadgersinMeadows said:

Looks great!!

Thank you! I'll probably revisit those waves one day, but as an old drama teacher once told me, 'if they don't notice from the front row, it's perfect.'

18 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:


I love the setting and the freehand is superb!

Many thanks! I need to get some pink crumblies and make a few ornamental cherry blossom trees to really sell it, but it's a start. I've been enjoying your Nippon setting, especially those Oni.

Turns out there are several more Reaper minis under the 'samurai' tag than I had thought! 

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    • By SGHawkins09
      Painted up this one for @Auberon as his Secret Sophie figure. Sadly life hit really hard and kept hitting so I just now finished it and got it to him. I also was attempting things (freehand, black hair, NMM) that I was not totally comfortable with so that slowed me down a bit. Overall I am very happy with how everything turned out. I do see room for improvement but I feel like I am headed in the right direction.
      Any C&C would be appreciated.
    • By Rigel
      Last couple of weeks have kept me busy, but I'm back! (Briefly.)
      60191 is a gorgeous, gracile sculpt by Derek Schubert. A Pathfinder mini, but much more "clean" and less "busy" than many others. Crisp and elegant detail. 
      I love making coral colors from oranges and whites, so her kimono is an orange-to-white-peach gradient. A passerby suggested the contrasting green of the bow and hair wrap (ArmyPainter Kraken Skin). 

      The cherry blossom motifs on the kimono are Rhinox Hide and matte white; on the fans, they are Rich Espresso metallic dark bronze and Runefang Steel silver.

      This isn't my best work, but it easily cracks the top ten IMO. Took two sessions so far. I'll probably fiddle more with the details of shading and tassels/beads later, but I'm eager to post something. 

      More pics with very slight variations below. Sorry for the poor lighting; sun went down while I was making the Shinto arch. 

    • By Pochi
      Evilhalfling was my exchange recipient for the Spring Exchange. He asked for something with an Asian flair. I chose two minis to paint for him.
      O-Sayumi was the first mini I picked out. I mean come on, how do you pass up such a great mini? I did some research on geishas - their makeup, the kimonos, their culture, etc. Very fun to learn new things! Her kimono pattern is based on one I liked while doing a Google search.
      Since Evilhalfling mentioned he might be using the minis in a game, I put little magnets on the bottoms and made a base that either of them can be displayed on. It is my first wooden plinth and my first resin pour. I am afraid it shows but I still think it turned out pretty well. There is a little koi fish in the pool, a couple lily pads I made, a lotus flower, and a tiny frog on a lily pad. (I guess the frog jumped off during transit. )





      This is the first time I have posted photos since the board change. Is there no longer a preview button?
    • By Arydis
      This is my work so far on Goemon from the Ninja All Stars line of Sodapop miniatures.  He is mostly done, but will need basing and to be sealed.  

    • By Darkmeer
      03524 Masaki, Ronin
      Every time I look at this miniature the line "They call me Jack..."  comes in my head.  I painted him to medium tabletop but his skin, that was fun.  That was something I succeeded with at above tabletop, so I don't know where to put him quality-wise.  The white I figured, given everything that happens during that show, would not be clean and crisp as it shows up every time on the show, so I made it a bit more dingy.  I'm happy with it even if it's not super-crisp.  I could probably throw another highlight on top for the white, but I really feel that he looks better this way. 
      I threw a few gears on the ground to indicate he just blew up one of Aku's monsters, and his sword is slightly less bright because of that.



      C&C always welcome :)
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