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Talon Mecha HK1 Heavy Armor Paladin resin and STL Heresylab

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Only the first 48hrs all EB that are entitled will get this model added for free. This is a KS exclusive model, and will not be for sale on our store. 


Talon Mecha HK1 Heavy Armor Units 

The Talon Mecha Paladins units were designed after the huge success of the Anita Severin models. Models went very fast and got an amazing feedback. This is why we hired Anita Severin again, with David Arenas and other sculptors of our team for them to come up with their versions. 

Some of the concepts were commissioned to Falkirt who have done an amazing job for some of them.


  Since 2018 we have completed and delivered over 25 Kickstarters (2 in the works), even when facing some quite harsh situations and the COVID pandemic. We have made over 200 models and shipped close to 100000 models and countless packages.

We are a small company (only me and my wife) working with several professionals to make these models. Sometimes our response rate is not very fast, so please be patient and be assured you will get an answer to your requests.  


The Kronos Paladins sons of Uranus, the Titans God. Were the first Talon unit.


The Hermes Paladins sons of Zeus, known also as the  Royal Guards. An elite and unique unit.

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Kinda cool, but I'm not sure I'd have much use for making more than a few prints.  Seems a little expensive in my opinion.

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I'm skeptical of Heresy's minis after backing one of theirs. The minis, while good looking, were tiny and incredibly thin and fragile. I broke two minis gently washing them under the faucet.


Also, on their Fantasy Towers Kickstarter, I saw this comment which makes me skeptical to even try any STLs they do:



Backer: Are these meant to print support free? Do you have pictures of test prints? There isn't much information available.


Heresey: Sorry didn't have time to print them, they should not require supports to print. The only one we have not look at in deep is the last tower


Backer: Not sure why you didn't test print these first...you would have noticed that the oriental tower 100% requires supports. There are floating layers everywhere on the edges.


There is a huge difference between making a cool 3d model, and making a model that actually prints reliably.

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Also remember that 'support free' is largely an FDM thing, there are very few SLA prints that don't need some sort of supports

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4 minutes ago, Dan d'Lyon said:

This project is in an IP dispute.  Not really surprised.

Looking at the pcis again, I'm not surprised either - wow these are rather close to the terminators Games Workshop does for 40k... 

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2 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

Looking at the pcis again, I'm not surprised either - wow these are rather close to the terminators Games Workshop does for 40k... 

I mean, a large percentage of stuff Heresy lab does are essentially alternate sculpts for GW  stuff, so I can see how they may have strayed a little too close to the inspiration.

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