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59048 Savage World Rippers Order of St George Nun

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Finally got around to finishing one of the minis that's been on the table since Spring.


Behold Sister Maris of the Order of Our Lady of Elf Beating!


Not sure if the stakes are a secondary hand weapon or meant to be launched out of the gun...


Could pass as a Sith from this angle...


Since I didn't know if the gun was for launching stakes, or some kind of sunlight cannon, I decided to just keep it a dull black/grey in the style of modern firearms, to try and keep something of a sense of realism about it and to tie it in with the rifle of Grace, the Holy Assassin.


The Sisters of Elf Beating thus far, Sister Maria, Sister Maris, and Grace the Holy Assassin.

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Love this sculpt and you've painted her up very nicely. Fits in well with the other Sisters. 

I think the gun is a stake-launcher, but no idea how it would work. (A top-mounted picket-fence magazine would be a nice addition now that I think about it...)

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    • By Rigel
      I'm always happy with minis that kick arse for the Lord, and Chronoscope's nun with a stake-shooting gun, 59048, certainly fits the bill. (Side note: a wooden stake through the heart works on most things, not just vampires!) I didn't know how best to photograph her for a while.
      Then my FLGS got a box of Games Workshop's skulls skulls skulls SKULLS SKULLS SKULLS!! (May Contain Skulls.) In the grim darkness of the far future, they sure do love their skulls. Everything suddenly clicked. 

      I'm not sure if this is the Applied Theology office or a restricted collection in the Miskatonic Museum of Anthropology, but either way it's where this nun belongs. 

      Let's get a closer view of the display cases! 

      Clockwise from top: Homo sapiens (modern), Pithecanthropus, Speleanthropus kn'yanii, H.sapiens (atlantaen), Gigantopithecus atrox, H. sapiens (cro-magnon), H. habilis, H. neanderthalis, Paranthropus anthropophagus, Typhlopithecus tsathogua.

      And the other case. Besides the human skeleton (from Prof. Laura Pringle), these are just weird and monstrous. Side note: a Kroot skull with an Ork mandible attached looks pretty believably like a Ti'ik/Deep One/H. profundis skull. 
      Bonus pics!  
    • By Benwlundy
      Sorry for the multiple crappy pictures...my cheapy camera doesn't like bright white at all, so I had to take multiple pics under multiple lighting situations to get all the different elements photographed...having said all that, let me introduce you to Sister Ellen!
      Sister Ellen is a zombie nun character in my upcoming diorama "Plan 9: Ressurection". I made her ruler myself, the figure came from Westwind Productions, and she's 28mm. She used to be a teacher in a Catholic school...and carries a weaponized ruler to aid in her spree! She used to crack knuckles and take names, now she cracks skulls and eats BRAINS!!!

    • By GodOfCheese
      It is said that Sister Hilda's sermons were more blistering than any flame strike, and that her withering scowl could flatten a troll.

    • By Pingo
      This is Reaper's 50159: Sister Maria, Nun, sculpted by Patrick Keith.
      I have a friend who once was a nun, who now writes murder mysteries.  Some while ago I made a joking reference to my hobby of painting tiny D&D characters and out of curiosity she took a look at Reaper's main site.
      Which just happened at that moment to have this figure at the top of the page. 
      She was tickled.
      We are planning a trip by her part of the country this summer, and hopefully we will be able to meet up for a visit.
      So I am painting up Sister Maria as a present.
      Basic prep involved gluing her to her base and gluing in her left hand.  I chose the ruler option.  I had trouble pinning and in the end just glued her hand into place.
      Then I primed her thinly with Titanium White and washed her with Burnt Umber (not shown).  This is my basic prep for all metal minis.
      I checked with my friend what the colors of her order had been.  Then I started with a little white on the nun's habit.


      I painted solid Mars Black on her dress and along the base edge.  I'm a little sorry I did, actually, because it's so black and solid there's little room to go.  Normally when I paint blacks I like building up layers of color like a watercolor.


      Then I did a little preliminary brushing of highlights in a very simple cold grey.  This is very rough and crude yet.


    • By Skrill
      Here is my take on Sister Maria, the gun-toting nun. She is turning Goth with black lipstick...
      I'm really not comfortable painting and highlighing black.
      So for her, I tried to go the otherway around by basecoating her medium/dark gray, and apply several layers of black wash to darken eveything and let the sculpt do the work.
      It turned out better than anticipated... at least better than when I try to manually highlight black.
      But my camera didn't really the white on her... too "constrasty"... Taking picture is a learning process too ...

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