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10 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

Both lovely.  I particularly like the pine cone birch staff, and the head/facial embellishments of the female.

Thanks Darcstaar, I tried to make the pine cone into some kind of jewel or crystal, don't know how well it translated.

10 hours ago, Jeepnewbie said:

Very nice!

Thank you very much Jeepnewbie, glad you like them!

10 hours ago, Bustawolf said:

Wow those are tiny. Nice work!

Yeah, they are really small. Luckily I started working with a bit better of magnification, I have some lenses with 3.5X that helped a lot.

8 hours ago, Rigel said:

Amazing detail on those liddle faces, and good color choices too!

Thank you very much Rigel, color choices plague me more often than not.  The male hobbit was easy to choose colors for but the gal was a lot harder, too many choices!

4 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Awesome work!

I always wonder how you can paint such tiny faces so well.

Thanks Glitterwolf! 

It's a pretty small brush, and as mentioned above, lots of magnification!  Patience is probably another element I'm guessing.

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Stunning - I can't imagine how you did those eyes.... really like the cloak and hair and beautiful use of bright yet natural looking colors on the female. The male thief definately has the Baggins vibe, really like the leather vest and white shirt, excellent! 

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3 hours ago, Iridil said:

Stunning - I can't imagine how you did those eyes.... really like the cloak and hair and beautiful use of bright yet natural looking colors on the female. The male thief definately has the Baggins vibe, really like the leather vest and white shirt, excellent! 

Thank you Iridil!


I didn't want super strong colors, so I tried to make them more oriented towards fall/autumn tones. The yellow is a bit bright, but the green and orange are a bit more subdued.


With the eyes, I recently got ( actually had them for years, just never realized it) some better amplification to 3.5X, whereas before I was I think using only 2.5X. They are still far from perfect, but they are really soooo small, not quite like Tom Meier eighties small, but Tom Meiers 21st century small.

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    • By 72moonglum
      Good morning Reaperniks!
      So I've had this mini painted already about a week, but here in Omaha, it's been mostly kind of cloudy and rainy, so wasn't able to get a decent picture until this morning.
      This is Merlyon the Sorcerer, formerly of Thunderbolt Mountain and now being released by Ral Partha Legacy. Pretty fun figure to paint, and it's more akin to that 25 mm of yore:

      I still have a few more from this range I want to get around to painting. This one also had the eyeholes poked into the eyes, but they worked out this time pretty simply.
      Eyeholes in the owl too!
      Anyhoos, please enjoy responsibly!
    • By 72moonglum
      So hello all you Reaperphonics!  
      So finished this one recently.  I'd done the other Flying Pink Unicorn, and wanted a slightly different version of pink, so here's what I came up with.  This one, like the other fairy ballerinas, was sculpted by Tom Meier inspired by a design from his daughter with his company Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures and now sold by Ral Partha Legacy.  Lots of different pictures because it's mini with basically lots angles, not just front and back, hope not too many photos:

      They are the last of my ballerina fairies that I had from Ral Partha Legacy, going to have to now move on to something different I guess, maybe some Reaper Bones.....
    • By 72moonglum
      Hello all you Reaperoloques, anxiously waiting for your Kickstarter boxes to arrive at your doors!
      I got my notice and hopefully I'll be seeing a big, beautiful box of plastic joy this Wednesday!  But in the meantime, just plugging away painting...
      So I just finished these two Thunderbolt Mountain minis, and if you recall last time, I took y last photos with my new iPhone.  I considered doing this again with these two minis, but took photos with my camera and then with the iPhone, and the iPhone photos were too brash or stark, so I'm using the camera photos instead.
      First Morgan le Fay:

      and then the Lady in Waiting:

      Both of these are available again for sale on Ral Partha Legacy's site, and actually they both come in the foot and mounted versions, but way back when, when I bought these, I didn't get the mounted versions, just their standing forms. 
      Enjoyed doing both of them very much.  The only odd thing again were they had those eyes with recesses for the irises, which I don't really like, but at least in this case worked out I think okay.  I actually did a base walnut brown cover for the eyes and then when I went over them in white, the recesses remained unpainted and brown, so they turned out okay.  I think for the future though, with more of these recessed eyeballs I'll actually paint the color in that section and then go over them again with white. 
      Another thing to mention is these are true 25 mm figures, when that used to mean something, so these are very small.  
      Anyhoos, hope you enjoy and these can momentarily distract you whilst you wait for your boxes to arrive!
      Happy Independence Day for those gringos that celebrate it, and Happy Sunday for those that don't!
    • By 72moonglum
      Hello all you mortals hanging from this Reaper coil!
      So tonight is another Tom Meier miniature, from his Arthurian range, which is now once again available at Ral Partha Legacy, the Lady of the Lake.  I'm really starting to get into these figures even with their small sizes and petite little heads. These are true 25 mm figures.  Got a few more kind of schedule to work on in the near future as well:

      and a close up of her face, which, with my new iPhone I can apparently get very close up:

      and a back view:

      The only bummer about this one was I made her what I thought was going to be a nice little base, because she doesn't come on a base.  You can either glue her to a small square metal base or create something.  So I did a base which had "water" at the edge.  After I got it done and it dried though, I tried to get her on it, and her cloak was so long and straight across, I couldn't get it to accommodate itself to the base in a flat way to make it look good.  So I just threw some putty on another base, let it dry, and then just painted if simple blues.
      Her color scheme itself is some pretty monotone colors, lots of blues, with just the flowers in her hair to have some bursts of color. 
      Anyway, hope you enjoy!
    • By 72moonglum
      Good evening Reaper Hoppers and Poppers,
      So I just finished this miniature, who is a pretty small one. She's Gwenyvere, from Tom Meier's Arthurian line at Thunderbolt Mountain, currently being produced by Ral Partha Legacy.
      I just got a new iPhone, and I took the pictures with it.  I think the pictures came out really nicely, and have done an automatically good job on the exposure and all.  My concern is does the automization of the exposure make it any different than if I would have had to work a little bit with the exposure?

      To give a comparison, here is how my camera turned out:

      It's a lot darker.
      Anyhoos, looking for photographic opinions. 
      And to give you an idea of how small this figure it is, here she is in comparison to a US quarter:

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