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Ordus Station - 3D printable scifi terrain


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We just launched our first kickstarter for 3D printable, scifi terrain - It funded in two hours and stretch goals are being unlocked fast!


The set features a modular setup and has a variety of upgrades and accessories.


You can see more at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/saucermenstudios/ordus-station



funded 2 hrs-01.jpg



stencil (3 of 4).jpg






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On 8/5/2020 at 11:30 AM, WhiteWulfe said:

Glad to see it make it here :) 


One question comes to mind: will parts for this fit on smaller printers, such as the Prusa Mini (180mm cubed), or even resin printers? 


Each of the five core modules measures 9cm wide, 20cm long, 10cm high but can also be scaled accordingly for more options.

resin would be tricky at full size.

We’ve just unlocked all stretch goals for this campaign and added more.


Modular interiors have now been unlocked in a major milestone.



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14 minutes ago, saucermenstudios said:

Each of the five core modules measures 9cm wide, 20cm long, 10cm high but can also be scaled accordingly for more options.

Sounds like with a bit of creativity one might be able to make it fit on a Prusa mini.


14 minutes ago, saucermenstudios said:

resin would be tricky at full size.

The Prusa Mini is an FDM printer, and uses rolls of 1.75mm PLA/PETG/etc :)

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Just a quick update on this project - We're smashing stretch goals and have announced the first bonus stretch goal...

The dice tower and signage set will be added to the Terraform Team (all in) tier, but we also have more exciting things ahead!  The dice tower has removable rooftop and catchment tray whilst the signage can be used with your mobile phone, and includes video to use. Below is an example of how they can be used.


We’ve also shared another example of how the modular interiors can be set-up.


More info at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/saucermenstudios/ordus-stationORDUS STATION: Kickstarter Page


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We’re now in the final week and have just announced details of the final stretch goal for this Kickstarter.

We’ve been working hard to include suggestions and feedback from you guys so our final stretch goal at 20k will unlock even more playability by including more verticality, additional rooftop cover for those snipers, bigger, tighter and more varied interiors for your bunkers, laboratories, off world factories and space stations!

Interior Upgrades - Buildings stackedInterior Upgrades - tall

The Modular Structure Upgrades includes another 26 models and allows you to build taller and wider for both interior and exterior structures.

Features include more walls, doors, internal machinery, connectors, floor variants, larger and smaller corridors, and a range of rooftops which are fully compatible with the walkway set and have a variety of cover options.


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