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Not exactly a "miniature", but still - thought I'd show the work I was doing on this, as I was doing it.
This is "step 2" of making my mounted drake head.
The tongue is not attached, I just placed it in for the sake of the photo - the tongue will be attached at the end of the sculpt, after both the inside of the mouth and the tongue have been painted (separately).
Still have a LOT of work to go.
Note: Made from raccoon skull, white-tailed deer antler points, glass eyes, polymer clay, wood (base, future), aluminum foil (neck, future), acrylic paint (future). Any other materials are yet to be determined.
I have yet to decide the species or gender.
Possible candidates are:
1) Mountain Drake (fire breather)
2) Forest Drake (mostly green)
3) Plains Drake (browns, greys, golds)
Please vote for your favorite?
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