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A1 Against the Goblins pbp

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4 hours ago, Kangaroorex said:

"yes O great lady, I am so appreciative of your assistance and that of your friend" Nic bows to Evianna "If there is anything I can do to help you, only say the word!"


"Does your finely feathered friend have any better description of why she calls them burning goblins?  Admittedly, I prefer them in that state but they don't tend to walk around that much once you get them alight...  Do they carry weapons similar to the one we found in the cottage?"  He points to the flaming crossbow


The little bird tweets to Evianna & she confirms that they do have weapons like the crossbow. The lark also tweet something else to her.


"It appears they appear to be the color of fire as well." 


Evianna is not sure what to make of that one.

3 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

"Are there any plants that I might be able to use to aid in healing wounds such as this?" Asgrim points to his arm. "It would be good to be able to keep my companions and I strong while we try to put an end to the goblin threat"



She sees your arm, "Are you need of healing?" (If so she will cast cure wounds for you. Healing: 5 pts of damage cured).


After she casts the spell she says, 


"You might get lucky & find gooseberries. There are had to find but they will help heal you if your are injured. As a added bonus they do make you feel full. Don't eat to many at once thou, as it'll almost have a reverse effect.


Gooseberries (heal 1 pt, but also counts as 1 ration eat for the day. Just don't eat more then 3 or you'll lose the amount of hps after 3 & you'll feel sick (minus on most physical activities for the day).


"Also I prepared a few cure potions for the party last night after you left. I wasn't sure what information, the lark would bring back."


(Everyone gets a Cure Light Wounds potion)


"Other then that, that is all I can assist you right now. I have spells that may help the party heal up, when you return. I can also bring a companion back from the dead, if you choose to do so. Thou, I will ask for a donation to the church of X'Ander for the casting of these spells of course."

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