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Canvas - Brown mountains - with Zombie.


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Brown mountains - by Bob Ross 

like the others I have doe I added a small fantasy element. 


the first three I did in two months, and each picture was an improvement.

this one felt like a step backward.  It has been 6 moths so I need to reconsider some things. 


Bob Ross's clouds look nearly effortless, and he warns against overworking them while he wet blends. 

On one of the previous ones I repainted the clouds completely.  I think ill just do a cloud study or two before the next full painting. 


Also although Bob Ross likes lakes,  what I actually see when I look at the mountains is grass (or buildings) 

so the next full painting will look more like what I can see from the end of my street ( although the mountains will be closer) 

and I want to paint the mountains that I am familiar with looking at.  


Edit:   Spent a few more hours making revisions to the painting. 


Mountain paintings

Sea Painting











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Not a step back, it is a learning process. 


What I like is how mountains go into a mist towards the ground, and the trees really stand out and read well on lighter background!

  As a fellow artist I would encourage you to paint from life ( a window)  if possible, and try to use less pictures for your paintings. 

It is much easier to learn when working from life :) 


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