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3d printable FIRE GIANTS - sculpted by Medusa Minis 7 days!

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DUE TO COVID 19 CRISIS WE WILL ENDEAVOUR TO DELIVER REWARDS WITHIN 24HRS OF KICKSTARTER FINISHING. Yup, that's before we receive the funds. It's important to get you up and running and put some cheer into your day if you are still in isolation or lockdown.

Welcome or Welcome back to our 11th 3d printables Kickstarter, providing high quality sculpts at affordable prices!  As usual, a £10 goal assures the the Kickstarter will succeed. All of the models are finished and processed in meshmixer for error free meshes. We have seven rewards:

  • Fire Giants 3d files (£5)
  • Cloud Giants 3d files (£6)
  • Hill Giants 3d files (£6)
  • Stone Giants 3d files (£6)
  • Frost Giants 3d files (£6)
  • All the Giants - Cloud, Hill, Stone and Frost Giants (£22)
  • All the Giants and all previous Medusa Miniatures 3d printable Kickstarter files (£38)

If you are interested in backing two of the giants sets only, just add the pledge amounts together and send me a message about which sets you'd like to receive.

Commercial 3d printing licences will be available, please check project updates for licence info!

Delivery will be simple and easy.  I will email you a direct link to the .zip file and a give you a password for the file. The file will be publicly visible, there will be no need to make any special account, The file will be available for download for 2 months, and after that upon request. This will make downloads hassle free for us all!  If you are in China you will need to use a VPN.

The Fire Giants Reward

  • Fire Giant Commander with sword and spiked shield
  • Fire Giant Smith in armour plates weilding dual hammers
  • An Anvil with a sword blade in progress
  • Fire Giant warrior woman with heavy spiked flail
2a3a67e215b065f143e71b9ef8e2d499_origina digital render
6bf5685f959c83e81fa762d639b31214_origina digital render
23803abc2af31a583f6672728b18ad38_origina digital render
f0d697d6916db424ce61734629fc1332_origina digital render
b54753fb631f1b483524f8c19e044c9e_origina digital render
56af057bb3d6c72c9c408e2c279a15e3_origina digital render
09393945232c257d63498b6669de113d_origina digital render


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That fire giant smith is rather close to something I mentioned in the Bones We'd Like To See thread. (Fire giant plus smith being a pretty straightforward concept - fire and metal.)


The Auld Grump

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On 8/14/2020 at 6:00 AM, MedusaMiniatures said:

   Thanks for posting this SamuraiJack    @the auldgrump - yup, seemed a pretty simple concept to me, simple concepts are usually best!



(I'm the sculptor of these minis)

Yep - and I was very happy to see it.


Eight hours to go.


The Auld Grump

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