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Bones 5 Picture gallery thing.

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These are just a few shots of some individual models from Bones 5, As we go on I will be adding them here in this thread. This will probably ramp up after ReaperCon as we are in full steam ahead mode.
Please discuss these in the Commentary thread! As I will lock this down to keep it clean to add more pictures in the future. :)





Otter Pirates.jpg

spikeshell antipaladin.jpg

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    • By Boaz
      Got a link to some 1926 saterday evening post full page adds now art ... Here ... the gallery will grow with time and ... if any of you have some cool old school to share, add a link or through up some pics.
    • By Inarah
      This seems to be a thing, so here are some photos.  I painted 68 figures and posted every one to this forum.  At the moment I can only find 31  of them. There must be a box I missed.




    • By Thrym
      I was in the online store last night to pull official names of minis for cataloging my minis and immediately got a thrill when I saw "The Thing" on the side of the Bones Stone Golem entry.

      The Thing: Show Off Post | Inspiration Gallery
      So I click on it ... no additional pics. Hmm. No biggie. It's on the side of the entry one level up. Just needs time or to clear my cache.
      Clear cache, finish looking around for info, finish catalog for day, check again ... still there on the side of the Bones list but not on the main entry. Oh well, off to bed.
      Check phone in bed ... gone. Must be the mobile device cache. Clear that. Still gone. Go to sleep.
      Get to work. Check the computer. Gone. I should have taken a screenshot last night. I thought about it.
      Reaper you teases!
      Then while writing this post I go to get links and find Thing hanging on the side of the Stone Golem ... cool. Wait. Still not fully there. Go back and realize what I missed.
      IF you select the Bones link via the Online Store main page. You can see Thing on Page 3.

      HOWEVER if you select Bones link via the Figures Menu. You can't see Thing on Page 3.

      Then it dawned on me ... it's the URL ... the store has the url: /OnlineStore/Bones/
      and the Miniatures section has the url: /Miniatures/Bones/
      So I was looking at two different sections of the site.
      Reaper you confusing teases!!
    • By Corlock Striker
      So, I posted pictures of a lot of these miniatures a while ago, but I've taken better pictures since, and learned how to adjust the levels in photoshop as well. Also, there are pictures of three miniatures that have not been posted previously. As, I have the pictures uploaded in a gallery at an external site, I'll just link to that. http://trippdinger.yolasite.com/miniatures.php'>My miniatures.
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