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My project for August (and probably September) is to paint up some of the pile of terrain pieces in my collection.  I've been busy washing, scraping mold lines, and priming this week.  Some of what's ready: 


Bones altar, tomb, arch, spider throne and graveyard fences:



Pile of stones that came with a dragon (not sure which one).  Want to use this as a test piece before I open DDS2.



Octopus fountain, a 3d print that was a gift from a friend. I got primer and a base coat on it but wasn't sure where to go from here:



Spartan statue (there are 2), Halloween spooky tree, and a creepy statue that I forgot to clean and prime.  I'm not sure if it is supposed to lean like that, and if not, if I want to correct that. 




There will be more later.  My first goal is to do the arch and fence pieces.  There is one more small fence which was miscast, I am working on it with greenstuff. 



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Base coat of stained ivory and blackened brown on the Spartan statue. Plan is to make it look like marble and bronze. Also did a little work on a 3d printed campfire, and a barbarian girl. Lots of brown paint today.


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Continuing work on the fence sections.  Really dark red over the black, followed by a ruddy brown and specks of orange.  Was not happy with the cool grey stone color, so I have drybrushed Bone Shadow over it and will be using that triad to replicate the local limestone. 



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Completed the gate last night. Not sexy, but I think it came out nice.




Next up, a sarcophagus, an altar, and two 3d printed ruined stones. I sprayed the Reaper pieces with black but they'll end up a lot lighter.



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