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What scale are Reaper Minis? They are not 28mm are they?

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There is a common argument about whether 28mm is a measurement of the height to the top of the head or to the eye. This leads some miniatures to be called "28mm" when they're taller than others.

But the real issue is that scale creep is a very real thing. This is why so many lines claim to be 30mm, or 35mm but end up the same size as supposed 28mm minis.

Privateer Press' Warmachine game started out claiming 28mm, but later claimed 30mm (I don't think they've shifted from there).

Games Workshop claims 28mm, which is pretty bonkers. Also, they've taken to writing the scale creep into the fluff (Orks are bigger than they used to be, and so are Space Marines).


As for the size in heads, you'll find that they vary quite a lot more these days. A lot of lines are heading for less heroic proportions, but keeping some of the exagerations like the weapons sizes (like Infinity or most CMON games).  Some are exaggerating in completely different ways (like Malifaux or Kingdom Death). And Dark Sword remains a bastion for close to true scale minis (though some exaggerations are still present).

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On 8/27/2020 at 2:02 PM, TGP said:



The bodies and legs are shorter than they should be. All the figure brands, going all the way back to Grenadier and Partha, are like that. Proportions of limbs/hands/torsos/heads being very different than the human norm.  That is what makes differences in height among figures so noticeable....but among real humans similar height differences are just normal. 



I thought that's what "heroic" scale meant. Or rather, the other way around: heads and hands being too big.


Anyway, as someone else noted, if you go back to Reaper's earliest minis, they are noticeably smaller than the ones being sculpted today.

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