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Citrine paints Antimatter Games Skullcracker Bird

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@Poilu_1914 The base color for the dark feathers is a really dark brown (Reaper Walnut Brown 9136), and then I lightly dry brushed with a reddish brown (not sure which one sorry).  The white feathers have a neutral dark gray (Reaper Cloudy Grey 9089( as the base, then carefully layered with lighter grays in the same triad, then pure white plus some off white (Reaper Linen White 9061) to break it up some.  Hope this helps!

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    • By Maledrakh
      44075 Axebeak (#608)

      Axebeak, or Phorusrhacos, was one of the great terror birds of the Miocene era, about 23-2.6 million years ago. Also it is, in fact, the direct forebearer of the modern era Chocobo bird. This Primal Chocobo was rather more bloody minded than the modern one, and would not accept any riders whatsover.

      The base I printed out for it is 65x35mm.
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      I had this figure sitting around for awhile and thought I'd paint it. I went for the stereotypical National Geographic look for Rexy. Still have to decorate the base.

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