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Like an ageing 70's rock band heading out on yet another final tour, I fancied having another go at making a WIP thread.


This time I have two different companies take on the Steampunk genre.

Warcradles Nautilus crew from their Lost World Exodus line:-




In the back row we have Violet Smee and Sardar Hardit Singh, and the front row consists of Neko Mei, Erasmus Darwin, Charlotte Anning and Rani Nimue.


These minis are a lot better sculpted and cast than the last lot I got from the range. Changing hands seems to have done the game good, mini-wise at least.


And Demented Games Oz Gang from their Twisted Game:-




At the back we have the Scarecrow, the Tin-man and the Drunken Cowardly Lion, and in front Mecha Toto and Little Dorothy.


First I've made a start on Singh:-




Trying out a new paint colour, Barbarian Flesh. 

His skintone isn't exactly screaming Indian, but I like it.


I also had a go at the Scarecrow:-




So far he has a Cork Brown head, Yellow Ochre hair, Iraqi Sand teeth, Bronze and Andrea Blue eyes and I've painted the underside of his hat Medium Olive.

He also has a line of very fine stitches going up the centre of his face that I'm not even going to attempt to paint.

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On 8/15/2020 at 8:50 PM, Dan S said:

I really like the whole steampunk aesthetic, looking forward to seeing how these turn out.


I'm a big fan of the look too, admittedly though, these guys aren't very steampunk, Violet Smee is one small step from being a historical mini.

On 8/15/2020 at 10:38 PM, Kuroneko said:

That's a lot of very characterful minis! I really like the way that you've done Singh's skin.


Yeah, I was really pleased with his skin (which is why I don't want to change it, even though it's not what I was aiming for!), that new Barbarian Flesh paint is part of Vallejos Game Air line, and I think it's inherent thinness really helped with my layering.


On 8/16/2020 at 2:28 AM, Jasper_the_2nd said:

Excellent!  Your WIPs always make me want to paint some of my Steampunk stuff. (Too bad my desk is covered with Stormtroopers.)





Got a little bit more done today:-




Singh got a beard. It's another new paint Phantom Grey (which dries annoyingly glossy), black wash and Phantom Grey/Cold Grey. And a turban in Magic Blue, black wash, Magic Blue/Ghost Grey.


I need to do something about his eyes though, they're a bit too big to leave as dots.




Since it involved drybushing I got all the Scarecrows wood out the way. It's Parasite Brown drybrushed with Yellow Ochre plus a sepia wash.


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Gotta get back into the habit of taking regular piccys.




Singh got all his bracers and bicep bands done (Leather Brown > Leather Brown/Iraqi Sand > Bronze decorations > Brown Wash), and I've started on his tentacle whip (it's just Oily Steel at the moment).

Also managed to get a dot of Off-white in his eyes which is a nice improvement.




Scarecrows hat is finished (Medium Olive > Medium Olive/Yellow Ochre with an Iraqi Sand band and Yellow Ochre bit of hay) and now I'm working on his belly gears (again, just Oily Steel so far).

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More progress!




Finished of Singhs whip with some Oily Steel, Aluminium and a Blue Wash. I then gave a power pack a classic Ochre Yellow and Black/Cold Grey hazard stripe cable.

Next will be his trousers.




The Scarecrows torso was also finished off with Oily Steel and Aluminium.

Found some wood I'd missed, so I did that in Parasite Brown, and a bit of a cloth neck which I did in Cork Brown (I also decided to do his right hand like this too).

Then I did his coat in Scarlett Red with a drop of Hexed Lichen mixed in for the trim.

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Singh got a belt using the same colours as his other straps and trousers (Ghost Grey > Grey Wash > Ghost Grey > Ghost Grey/Off-white > thinned Grey Wash). Unfortunately, between my paints being a bit gloopy and the trousers themselves having a weird grainy texture, they've gone a bit blotchy. Don't look too bad in hand though, so I'm not going to redo them.




I then did his gun, holster, knife (not shown) and knee-pads. Again all using the same colours as the previous straps.




Scarecrow got a power-pack in Oily Steel, Bronze and Andrea Blue.




Then I did his arms. Left arm is Oily Steel, right arm is Black/Cold Grey (ribbed bits) and Cold Grey/Ghost Grey (smooth bits), just need to tidy these up a bit.

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Yet more progress:-




Singh got boots, Brown Leather with a Red Leather strap and lots of Bronze and Oily Steel studs.

Just his base to go.




With Scarecrow I finished off his flamethrower and scythe with lots of Oily Steel and Bronze bits, a Bloody Red fuel tank, more Andrea Blue wires and a little Sun Yellow, Flame Orange, Bloody Red flame.

Getting there slowly. 

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Singh is all finished.


Scarecrow is still in progress:-




He got Cork Brown boots, with Ochre Yellow straw tufts, then I painted his pet crow (Stormy Blue/Black, drybrushed with Stormy Blue/Off-white then given a Blue Wash, with Ochre Yellow beak and feet).

Started on his trousers, they're Leather Brown/Ochre Yellow with a Brown Wash so far.

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Made a start on the next two.

Going for a cat vs. dog vibe with:-




Neko Mei and Mecha Toto.



I've done Mei's skin in Elf Flesh.



Toto got a tail and head of drybrushed Red Leather/Fire Orange and Red Leather/Fire Orange/Pale Yellow. Plus a Leather Brown nose and Bronze monocle (on the other side).

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