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Wondrous Expeditions: Forests - Roleplaying Guide

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Wondrous Expeditions: Forests - Roleplaying Guide


Make wilderness journeys just as exciting as the destination with this worldbuilding book for GMs - For any fantasy roleplaying game.




The Wilderness Roleplaying Guide for Roleplaying Game Masters. 


From the creators of Remarkable Inns & Shops comes a brand-new sourcebook for GMs. Wondrous Expeditions: Forests helps you turn wilderness journeys into truly epic roleplaying experiences. It provides you with a myriad of world-building tools, gameplay ideas, new biomes, unique flora, fauna, and monsters to invigorate your wilderness travels with boundless ideas to launch your players on their next wondrous expedition... 


The Journey is the Adventure  


The most popular fantasy novel of all time taught us that the journey of a fellowship can be just as exciting as the final destination. So how come with roleplaying we are often glossing over travel just to get to the "good bits"? At least half the fun is getting to your next destination, or so it should be...


A staggering 70% of surveyed game masters say they struggle to keep wilderness travel interesting for their players, while 85% agree they want to make wilderness journeys a more meaningful part of their game sessions. Sound familiar? 


Supercharge your imagination


The Wondrous Expeditions books are designed to make wilderness explorations easier, more fun, and exciting. Blossoming with imaginative, system-neutral content that is like a super-food for game masters, you will confidently bring the environment to life in great detail and atmosphere so it is an integral part of the story.


The contents of this book will help you make the journey into the adventure itself.  


 Describe scenes in great detail with evocative content such as wilderness terrain features, unique landmarks, sights, sounds, smells, flora, and fauna. 

 Challenge your players using the environment such as geological hazards, boons, weather, and much more. 

 Make the journey really matter with refreshing encounter ideas, twists, and hooks that make time, navigation, foraging, and survival become meaningful decisions for your players. 

 Comprehensive lore on temperate forests and other types as well as fantastical new creations such as a Haunted Grove, Antediluvian Forest, and Fey Wildwoods.

 Vividly described terrain features/landmarks with optional gameplay rules to make your GM life easier and make journeys wondrous and memorable. 

 Tons of new wildlife/creatures, both big and small, indigenous to their natural surroundings, including thrilling new monsters. 

System Neutral: The majority of this book's contents are written system neutral and without rules. In a few cases where it is very hard to make the contents 100% system neutral, we lean towards 5e rules.


Wondrous Book 1: Forests


This Kickstarter's goal is to fund the development of the 1st book in this new Wondrous Expeditions series. Spark your imagination and turn clichéd “fantasy forests” into a place of wonder, danger, and endless surprises for players. The core book will be available in PDF, Softcover, and Hardcover and will have an estimated 100 pages, which can grow as we unlock more stretch goals. 

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I backed it for the PDF; I find stuff like this to be immensely helpful since I don’t have all day/night to sit around and obsess over my dnd game. 

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