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It was part of a mini-encounter pack with 2 other miniatures (1 of those could have been a scenery piece). It started under their Gamemastery line but when they dissolved that, they blended into the Pathfinder lineup.


Nice work!!

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It was part of one of the Game Mastery Compleat Encounter set "Dark Elf Sanctum" which also included a Kalavakus demon and a toothy portal. These sets also had a stack of double sided map cards (one showing the sanctum in ruins, the other operational) plus a brief encounter description. My FLGS had it and a couple of others "Vault of the Whispering Tyrant" and "Terror in the Chamber of Pain" covered in dust a long time after they stopped producing them, so I snaffled them up. Disappointed I missed the Gorilla King one.


Great job on the colours, BTW.

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