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Fjyrrulm Awaits: Aussie's Ongoing Fantasy Mini Extravaganza

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8 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Thank you! And very cool, I didn't know about this, thanks! I didn't see anything specifically about a deadline, is the cut off the end of the year?


2 hours ago, snitchythedog said:

Very cool conversions so far filling out a great thread.  Where did you find the bear traps?  Been looking for some that I do not have to scratch build.

Thanks! I believe those are from a set of adventuring gear bits from Reaper, but I'm not certain. The bits box sometimes seems to produce things out of thin air! I'll see if I can find it after I return from an appointment.

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2 hours ago, AussieAusborn said:

Thank you! And very cool, I didn't know about this, thanks! I didn't see anything specifically about a deadline, is the cut off the end of the year?




This lasts till the end of the year.

There are 4 categories.


Rules and Info here:


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@snitchythedog I remembered that the bear traps are from a model That I'm fairly sure is from Privateer Press. I looked, but didn't find it. I do remember that the figure was a barbarian guy running and jumping with a two handed axe overhead, and he was wearing a bearskin cloak (was naturally wearing the head as a hat) which had bear traps on it. I did a search on Etsy, and there are several listings for 28mm scale 3d printed bear traps, and they were relatively inexpensive. I think that might be the way for you to go!

EDIT: If the listings there aren't the right size for what you want to do, try sending a message to the maker and see if they can print them smaller or larger for you. In my experience, people are usually willing to accommodate.


1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:


This lasts till the end of the year.

There are 4 categories.


Rules and Info here:



Thanks, I read through it several times, and somehow missed the end-date clearly stated at the top until the 6th or 7th time I read it :lol:

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I have a quick update for today.



I did some more work on the wings, working on the areas I though needed improvement. It's hard to tell from the photos, but there's more contrast than there was. I'm trying to achieve a slightly ocean-like appearance with the wings, and I think I'll need to experiment using some different colors subtly to sell the look. Really, I just want the wings to have a somewhat otherworldly feel to them, and that's the one way I've come up with that I can wrap my head around. I'm open to any suggestions y'all might have!




Here's a close-up with slightly different lighting. I also did some work increasing the highlights across most of the red using that RMSP Phoenix Red, and then using a mix of RMSP Imperial Purple and Citadel's Screamer Pink to do some tinting in the red's shadows. Two of my favorite sources of mini-painting information on youtube, Vince Venturella and Marco Frisoni are both always talking about how important it is to "push" the contrast in your models, and each time I do so with either tone or value, I think to myself "you guys are sooo right."




I figured it was about time to show you the rear of the model. I haven't done nearly as much work on it as the front of the model. Which makes sense to some extent, because it's mostly  not well lit (my intended light source is up and to the right of the tip of the tail). It still deserves some TLC to be brought up to par with the rest of the figure. Here, you can also see where it broke cleanly from the joint, at the ankle joint.


Now I just...gotta keep on, keepin' on ::D:

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On 8/26/2020 at 10:58 AM, Glitterwolf said:

Those wings are awesome!


Thank you! It really helps that they're so wonderfully sculpted ::):


I have a small update on the dragon, as well as some other projects that have been on the back-burner for a while. Mayhaps posting them here will encourage me to work on them :lol: I've started experimenting with manipulating the light and shadow levels using the program GIMP. I'm impressed with how much of a difference it can make to poorly lit pictures, especially while maintaining details and colors. It's something I am keeping in my tool-box, for sure.


On to the stars of the show:



A straight-forward barbarian made with a head and body from Kings of War's...northern soldiers, I beleive, and the arms from Frostgrave Soldiers kit. My superglue was a little too enthusiastic to help, and got all over him. I need to get some CA-glue debonder so I can clean up that mess.



A guard, armed with a longsword. Head and body are from FG Soldier box, and the arms are from Perry's Foot Knights.



I saw someone do this pose, and knew I had to make one for myself. Everything is FG Soldier, except for the spear and shield, which are from a Warlord vikings kit and a GW skeletons kit, respectively.



Just a small gang of thieves. The first set are made from the Warlord vikings box, and the second set from the FG Soldier kit.



A captain for my brother's band. Made from the solider kit, with a sword from Warlord's vikings, and a shield from a Reaper sprue. The sword came off the model, so I need to use a little epoxy to affix it.



An apprentice for my brother's band. I struggled deciding how to evoke the idea of him being a spell caster, when I thought to make him have this more relaxed pose, maybe whispering to the magical forces as they gather in his fist.



Here's an ogre that I've left unfinished for quite some time. I didn't base him specifically so I would come back for touch-ups and reworking a few things. Clearly, an effective tool! :lol: This was the first time I ever experimented with adding colors that don't have the words "skin" or "flesh" in their names, and I was really chuffed with the result. It can use a little refinement, and all the other textures need some work to get to a similar level.



Last, but certainly not least, we have the dragon. I've done two main things since I last updated: I worked on the wings more, and I made the jump and started recess-lining the skin/scale texture.


For the wings, I kept reworking the drybrushing, to build up the brightness. The one notable change was to add some green in the mix, which is a little more noticeable IRL. I will definitely be adding more green tinting as I go along, it helps sell the ocean vibe I'm going for. I'm wondering if some slightly brown tones might look good and add some extra depth, too. I think overall the folded wing looks pretty great, while the extended one needs some refining to get to the same point.


I used Nuln Oil for the pin/recess lining; I think it's most evident on the neck right next to the head, and on the back between the shoulders. I did this partly because every video I've watched about doing this level of precision work says to make sure the paint flows well, which the GW shades do. I also didn't want to make it a super dark or opaque line, as I think that would look cartoony. This turned out to be easier than I thought, I think largely because I made sure to practice a good bit by using just a damp brush before trying the real thing. This let me figure out how to hold my hands steady in some weird positions, and generally give me the confidence to try it out. And although it's a little subtle right now, I can work up any areas I want to have more definition. I might also experiment using a drying retarder, so that I can more easily clean up any mistakes I do make.


I think my plan of attack to finish up the dragon, will be to keep working on the area that stands out to me/bugs me the most on any given day. Generally speaking, my to-do list consists of:

- Touching up the color transitions on the red, and build up those transitions in neglected areas (mostly the backside and the wing fingers) and adding highlights to each 'scale' (*shudders just thinking about it*)

- Recess lining the skin/scale texture to desired levels

- Working on the wings' blue until I figure out what looks good...and then doing that front and back

- Rework the overall lighting transitions on the underbelly areas, and start adding highlights, and maybe some extra texture

- Touch-up/refine all of the claws/back spikes/horns

- Give the whole face area the TLC it deserves (including dat eyeball)

-Touch-up shadows around rocks of base

-Choose and implement a nice marble/granite scheme to use on the structure

- Fill out the vegetation some, and add detail bits if desired (weapons, bones, treasure, etc)


Each one of those bullets has a fair few bullets within it. But, I think this is all achievable.


And a special thanks to those who are interested enough to read my ramblings ::D:

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It's beautiful!


As for the superglue spillage, if you can't get it fixed, paint that blood red ( vallejo has some cool fresh blood and dried blood) it's a barbarian, being covered in the blood of his enemies would not look bad.

Also..use a superglue gel or use a wooden skewer to apply it.

Spillage can ruin a mini.

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On 8/29/2020 at 12:57 AM, Glitterwolf said:

It's beautiful!


As for the superglue spillage, if you can't get it fixed, paint that blood red ( vallejo has some cool fresh blood and dried blood) it's a barbarian, being covered in the blood of his enemies would not look bad.

Also..use a superglue gel or use a wooden skewer to apply it.

Spillage can ruin a mini.

Thank you! And that's some great advice, thanks! I could go a few different directions with it, but I agree, blood does seem to make the most apparent sense...:lol: I have set of super glue applicators I've been using, to great effect. They're essentially a nozzle extension, that's rather long (~3" or 75mm) and narrow, maybe 1mm interior diameter. It's made controlling the glue much easier, and as a bonus, I don't have to mess with taking the cap on and off.


I have another small update on the dragon for today. I worked on building up the color on the wings, and I did some work on refining the light and shadows of the red on the tail. I remembered to take some pictures in between some steps, to help see what the process is like. I'll strive to do this more in the future.



I started by doing a heavy drybrushing of an aqua color I mixed using my previous blues and bone/cream. I had just watched a Vince Venturella video about doing fine hair/fur textures on animals, and wanted to try using that texture. I found that doing a "sloppy" drybrushing yielded somewhat similar results, and in a fraction of the time. Since I'm still 'sketching'/figuring out what I'm doing, I'd much rather save the time and further iterate on ideas, instead of investing a load of time into something that doesn't work out. Overall, I though this was a step in the right direction. And now to add some much brighter highlights, using the same method....



The wings are both now much brighter and messier :lol: I had a hard time replicating the nice, short strokes I got with the previous color. It still looks pretty alright, and is again, a step in the right direction. I do like the feel of the texture, I think it's worth trying a section in the controlled way shown by Vince. However, I think it's too bright overall. So I'll try using some very thin blue and black glazes with the airbrush to bring down the overall brightness, first.


I tried hard to get an overall shot that has the tail well lit, so you can also see the work I did on the it. I brightened up the shadow a good bit overall, and also extended the brighter areas that sandwich it more. Overall it looks good, I think it needs to be a smidge darker in the middle of the shadow. I kind of miss how much contrast there was.



Here's another shot of it. It's difficult the get a good shot of something with so much curve.


After all of this, I spent a good while cleaning out the airbrush. I've only used it about a dozen times, so I'm still learning all of the ins and outs, and all of the variables that go into making do what you want it to. It's now ready to be used, and I think I'll do that tomorrow.

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On 8/31/2020 at 12:10 AM, Glitterwolf said:

This model is worth all the effort!

It absolutely is! It also helps that I seem to be enjoying myself when I paint it.


Short update for today. I went ahead and did some airbrush glazing to tone down the wings.



Here's a quick shot while I was working on him. Here I did a pass with fairly thin Kantor blue. Definitely a step in the right direction. You can also see that I masked off the model with some saran-wrap. I highly recommend it for larger figures, as it was fairly quick, and it's reusable.



And here's a shot of when I finished. I did one step between the two pictures, which was to add some black into the mix, and be a little more liberal with how much I was coating. After that, I cleaned out the airbrush and did a highlight pass with some thinned Sotek green. I think I'm starting to see it coming together. Now I just need to start building up all those dashes with a brush.



A close up of the texture. I'm liking the...soft roughness? of it. I think it's starting to walk a line between velvety and leathery, which is good. I think applying that technique with these watery colors will get a result close to what I've envisioned. Oh, and ignore those little coffee stains, the airbrush was being uncooperative. But, overall more cooperative than it has been, which I think means I'm starting to figure how to balance out my paint/thinner/air pressure levels.


I think I'm going to continue some work on the wings until I'm more confident with how I'll do them. I have most of the other model figured out, so I want to add this to that list. Then, I can just keep working on whatever grabs my attention most, until I've checked off everything on the list.


EDIT: The second picture kept uploading upside down, so I rotated it 180 to compensate. It's worked on my end, please let me know if it's somehow upside down for you, and I'll re-upload it.

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I did about 90 minutes of work on the outstretched wing tonight.



I covered a fair bit of the wing, using some dashes of thinned Kantor blue, and then some thinned Sotek green. The blue ends up being more noticeable IRL and has a very slight purpley tone to it, which I hadn't previously noticed, but am fond of. I'm reallllly liking how this is looking, and I'm confident that this is the way for me to proceed.

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On 9/2/2020 at 12:29 AM, Glitterwolf said:

Yup the wings are getting even more amazing.

Really cool!


On 9/2/2020 at 7:29 PM, DragonWyrm said:

The wings look so good, with the bones having the red skin show through and the texture.

Thank you both very much!


I did some more work on the wings, mostly getting the areas on the fronts that I hadn't yet done, as well as a little bit of extra highlighting in some areas.




It appears I didn't thin my paint quite enough when I was doing the folded wing, so I'll need to go over that to soften those lines. There's also a good bit left to do on that wing, and then there's the backs of both. I won't worry too much about the back of the folded one, expect what's 1) easily accessible and 2) would have enough light for it to matter.


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