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I've been following this guy for a while.   I'm not always 100% into every model, but I like the majority of his work and I'm feeling this project won't be any different.   He has

Oh no!

Posted Images

I must say, his communication is top notch.

I posted two comments/suggestions and asked a question, quick response.


I did miss the Hobgoblin stuff, wasn't into 3D printing back then, so I'm happy to back.

Also...Han Soldiers and General, finally some other than only Samurai.


I suggested a Sampan as a stretch goal, he likes the idea and said it would be a useful piece, so..paws crossed for that.

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40 minutes ago, jadeite said:

Considering the success and momentum of the current KS, I guess we'll see a re-release of the the other 3d-printcraft stuff as well.


That will be limited to the parts he designed.


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3 minutes ago, Dan d'Lyon said:

I dropped out, but only because a friend of mine pledged.  I'll let him print this stuff.  :-)


The Oni and the Monastery are Express Delivery.

One can grab those now.



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    • By Cygnwulf
      Been watching the previews for this on Bold's Instagram,  Some crazy cute models, this time sculpted by  Ismael Nieto.  I'm particularly fond of Bisa and Tori, the winners of the dino race, and the BatPacker is too cute.  Resin cast and STL like their last several releases.  I've picked up their STLs before and been very happy, Planning to try to swing for at least one in resin this time, though shipping from Sweden hurts.

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      Hello people! i would like to share with you an upcoming Kickstarter campaign that will start on April 20 and last until May 10.
      This is the preview page https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/joygamesinteractive/the-holy-roman-empire?ref=d1ay07&token=6758305e

      As the title says, it will offer Rank & file 3d printable models to make an Imperial Army (15-16th century Germany/Holy Roman Empire), including chracters, commanders, and special troops/artillery
      The main pledge of $30 usd, gives 63 models (core units). As add-ons, at 75% off (compared to webstore prices), there will be sets of models (from previous releases in the patreon) and scenery.
      The base pledge:

      There will be some freebies stretch goals, and other payed, Like ogres mercenaries(x3), Giant, volley gun, heavy arquebusier/sharpshooter, and moarrr!
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      The folks who did Dragons of the Red Moon and the Legendary Dragons look to have nabbed a Numenera license.  They've teased a few additional images on their discord back in December but now that we're within a month of the release date I can go ahead and help work on the hype.  

      I'm really hoping to see some very unique looking monsters out of this.  like the oddity that is the Sarrak, a great cat who's head has been replaced by a ball of energy.

      Chatter is suggesting a base starter pack of about 20 models with stretch goals.  Not sure this will have the same pull the legendary dragons did but I know they're hoping for a lot of unlocks.
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      I want to present the new Kickstarter campaign that we have launched.

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