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1 hour ago, Otyugh said:

Mini therapy... Hmmm, does this mean I can take my mini related costs of my taxes?!!



I believe that is known as "retail therapy" (the act of buying something to make yourself feel better when you feel sad), and sadly no... at least not until we get it acknowledged as a form of medical treatment and have the IRS make appropriate tax changes.

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Do you feel the urge to acquire more miniatures, even though you have many unpainted figures? Are you running out of clever ways to store your miniatures? Is your SO giving you the stink eye whenever

Yes, you might want to scale up those numbers a bit...   Here are two of (19 of) my fantasy mass battles boxes opened up for a quick photo inventory I did a couple of months ago.  

The problem is that fantasy gamers are pure amateurs compared to historical gamers. For example I am an old Napoleonic gamer, plus ACW and WWII in 15mm. For those periods, in that scale, I have painte

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I don't even want to think about it...About 170 Star Wars Imperial Assault (150ish painted)...130ish Space Marines...130ish Genestealer Cult minis...a dozen Eldar...several dozen Necrons...unknown quantities of Dwarves, Undead, Chaos, a couple hundred Batman, a few dozen Descent...a few dozen zombies, survivors, etc. from Wargames Factory before they closed up shop.


Unknown quantities of WotC prepaints (that I sometimes sell off a set when time/motivation coincide), and Reaper Bones.  Oh, and AvP from Prodos which was only a partial shipment, but should be several dozen.


OK, you made me think about it.  <_<


And the answer is 20.


I have 20 miniatures.

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I expect I have somewhere between 300 and 500 minis painted, maybe.  By guesstimating, I'm probably running right around having 1% of  the miniatures I own painted.  

That, of course, doesn't include the STLs I have that I haven't printed yet.......


But it isn't a problem.  I can still see a few spots to store more, so all good!


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... Need to add another collector/hoarder level.


8) Mad half blind deity of metal, plastic and resin lilliputians - 5000 +. Over 50% painted, has a dedicated well lit space to paint in, nice foam lined storage cases containing the minis, and a couple of shelving units dedicated for miniatures and painting supplies. Half blindness, fatigue and madness are badges earned from painting a few thousand minis. The deity does not discriminate, and welcomes minis of all shapes, sizes, materials,and genres.


"Just give me a few more minutes, honey. I gotta dot the eyes and wash the maille on these 200 units."

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6 minutes ago, ratsmitglied said:

I have 20.


20 what I'm not sure of, but the answer is 20...

I totally forgot how goblin math (20 being both a minimum *and* a maximum) can make any number more reasonable and more outrageous at the same time.

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10 hours ago, Otyugh said:

It has been a while since I posted. Yes, I am still alive. Joining this forum suddenly got me curious about the contents my non-Games Workshop portion of the mini collection...


After a light analysis of the situation, I have determined that:

1) I have a lot of minis,

2) I still want a lot of minis,

3) I can never have too many minis


Am I a crazy miniature monster?




First of all, using Goblin Math means you never have more or less than 20 minis, so no problem there.


I have drawers and cupboards full of blisters and boxes with minis.

Two physical kickstarters on their way ( Bones V and TT Combat Desert of the Dead).

And since I bought a 3D Printer in April I now have so many STL files ( and more coming due to Patreon and kickstarters) that I can print as many as I want or need.

It doesn't help that my Patreon Artisan Guild uses modular minis so I have even more variations to print. <_<


I also have about 500 paints...I mean 20! I have 20! :ph34r:


Time to join us ::P::


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Honestly, there more than 100 Burrows & Badgers minis. 

I don't have all the Black Tree-issued Dr. Who minis, but there's significantly more of them...   


We don't speak about Bones III & IV...   


Midlam... OH MY Halflings! They completely ruined my system and I had to find larger boxes to store them in. 


There's 20 Sophies. Or so the Goblins claim... 


Have you seen the work of art that is Legends of Signum?



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Yes, you might want to scale up those numbers a bit...


Here are two of (19 of) my fantasy mass battles boxes opened up for a quick photo inventory I did a couple of months ago.


I see the left box includes, among other things, stands of Minot Miniatures Armory barbarians, Ral Partha Wizards, Warriors and Warlock Southrons, some 1975/6 Custom Cast (pre-Heritage) Lord of the Rings Gondorians, some Garrison Amazons, some Ral Partha lizard riders, and a selection of RPG figures including some Grenadier magicians from their first fantasy series (in red and blue robes near the top) who joined my D&D game in 1976.  On large wargaming bases, about 80 figures per box? 




This picture is the box storage shelves:




That stack to the right on the middle shelf is two layers deep.  Those are mostly figures on 1” washers at about 96 per box, so two layers of boxes would be ~1500 or so.  


The unpainted shelving unit:



In my defence, scenery boxes are also there.  Unpainted = uncounted...


I’m also of the historical wargamer school of figure acquisition, so my sense of scale is a little, uh, different.  Here we’re playing Charge! (published in 1967) with 40mm home cast figures, and maneuvering in 60 figure regiments.




So one regiment (and I see three infantry and a cavalry regiment of 30 on one side of this table, plus a general and staff and three cannons and crews, and the edge of a fourth infantry regiment peeking into the lower right corner) blows right through four of your categories. ::D:

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