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16 minutes ago, Thoramel said:

 which means I'm currently adding minis slower than I am painting them (I can feel my life force slipping away). Going to have to do something about that.


Alright. Don't worry Sir.  Everything is going to be fine.  Your numbers aren't that bad yet.  We've caught this early.  With a consistent purchasing regiment we can have this condition corrected in no time.

Firstly, to get your levels up quickly, go here: https://www.reapermini.com/ and get purchasing.  For a quick boost, there are the Reapercon bundles.  The Mega Bundle would get your levels up nicely.

Then to keep your consumption varied, I recommend perusing here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/75960-department-of-acquisitions-and-enablement-the-second/

And to sustain long term levels, I strongly recommend going here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/forum/61-kickstarter/

Pledge for at least 2 now, and then maintain a healthy rate of at least 1 per month for the next six months, then come in for a checkup.


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Do you feel the urge to acquire more miniatures, even though you have many unpainted figures? Are you running out of clever ways to store your miniatures? Is your SO giving you the stink eye whenever

Yes, you might want to scale up those numbers a bit...   Here are two of (19 of) my fantasy mass battles boxes opened up for a quick photo inventory I did a couple of months ago.  

The problem is that fantasy gamers are pure amateurs compared to historical gamers. For example I am an old Napoleonic gamer, plus ACW and WWII in 15mm. For those periods, in that scale, I have painte

Posted Images

I think I've reached the point where it's better for me to declare myself to be a miniature storage box collector.


"Why do I have so many minis? Well what else would you put in a miniature storage box? Don't be silly."


This is my "Really Useful Boxes" from Staples, notice the festive Christmas color theme. Over here we got the "Multi compartment parts storage box" from Michaels. And here we got the "EZ-Storage Solutions" from Wal-Mart. Now there's quite a story behind this one.

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3 minutes ago, Rob Dean said:

You’re not really addicted to boxes until you are ordering directly from the Really Useful Boxes web store, because they have sizes that Staples doesn’t carry....

That means the system works!


I am *not* addicted to storage boxes. I'm an enthusiast [*twitch*] in complete control. [*twitch*]


I can stop whenever I want... Just not now.


[Googles Really Useful Boxes web store]

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They have the 12 liter and the 6 liter boxes, which are basically longer versions of the 4 and 9 liters.  The 12 is the largest single box which can reasonably be expected to fit under the seat in a passenger aircraft cabin, just in case you needed to know that. ::D:


(So my contingency take-to-a-con-for-a-pick-up-game project is in a 12-L box.)


The 50-liter turns out to have the same footprint as the 64-L (which *is* available from Staples), and is still tall enough for most of my new tree group bases I’m building for my scenery upgrade.  Not that I’m encouraging you to go check this out, mind you...

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I did some data mining in my spreadsheet, I have between 684 and 1074 painted, so around 7.5 % of the collection.  The reason I dont know for sure is that I just recorded if a set is painted or partially painted, not the number of minis in the set that was painted.


This is actually higher than I though, I am very happy that more than 1/20 is painted.



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In my case, I also have a home casting mold collection, so I can make metal miniatures any time I feel like it (safety conditions permitting).  I only count those when they are painted, or when I’m attempting to cast them in unit sets (.e.g, 1 mounted officer, 2 standard bearers, 3 foot officers, 3 drummers, 3 sergeants, and 48 musketeers for a Charge! regiment).  It’s like printing, but hotter...

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I am sure that Reaper bones 5 will put me over a 1000 and that’s not counting the 17 gallon tub I have of mageknight figs in my attic.   
The saddest part is that I probably only have around 100 of them painted. This is due in part to my deciding to strip almost all of the metal figs I painted during the 90s.

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This thread is making me realize that I may have reached the tipping point a while ago.


I regularly forget which ones I already own or not. Back in the days of Bones 1 and Bones 2, I was very aware of every single miniature I owned. Recognized them by name alone. But after backing so many projects, many more generic miniatures are becoming harder to remember.


The only solution is to play with my collection more when I get more.

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