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3 minutes ago, warlordgarou said:

And that's my problem as well.  I'm so far behind that I'm basically starting from scratch, and since I easily fall into the 1k+ category, simply counting them and quantifying the collection is a task almost as daunting as painting them.


For now, I am trying to hew to "I can't buy anything new unless I paint an equal number."  In theory, it would eventually reduce the pile of lead, plastic and resin would drop to manageable levels.  In reality, I'm not sure it will happen before Pluto completes its next revolution around the sun.


My solution for this is to catalogue everything in blisters/packaging first. After that, I .. will probably start on the Giant Pile Of Bones - and other things - from a long line of Kickstarters.

Blisters are bad enough; I passed three hundred a few of those back, and some of them are multi-packs.....

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Do you feel the urge to acquire more miniatures, even though you have many unpainted figures? Are you running out of clever ways to store your miniatures? Is your SO giving you the stink eye whenever

Yes, you might want to scale up those numbers a bit...   Here are two of (19 of) my fantasy mass battles boxes opened up for a quick photo inventory I did a couple of months ago.  

The problem is that fantasy gamers are pure amateurs compared to historical gamers. For example I am an old Napoleonic gamer, plus ACW and WWII in 15mm. For those periods, in that scale, I have painte

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4 hours ago, Sylverthorne said:


My solution for this is to catalogue everything in blisters/packaging first. After that, I .. will probably start on the Giant Pile Of Bones - and other things - from a long line of Kickstarters.

Blisters are bad enough; I passed three hundred a few of those back, and some of them are multi-packs.....

If I get really bored at the end of the year (especially if the early cons of 2021 are cancelled), I might take another run at it.  My Omnibus page lists 50 different scales or systems, but I know that about 5 to 10 of those are going away, so I really do not need to inventory them beyond what is necessary to sell them.  For everything else, I really would like a ballpark estimate of what I have, what percentage is assembled, and what percentage is painted.


(FWIW, the barely filled in omnibus was at 555 models, of which less than 2% were fully painted, and 16% assembled & primed.  But it was mainly my pico armor and a couple of smaller skirmish game collections, so it did not include any of the Bones or CAV KS, or my 40k Orks, or other historics.  The total % painted won't be getting better, but it could get much, much worse. . . .)

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20 hours ago, Otyugh said:

The problem with cataloguing all the minis is the identification process.  Going through all the resources, electronic & paper leads to an ever expanding want list!


I started by going through my emails and copying information from the webstore receipts. 


Assuming you haven't deleted those, it would be a good beginning to just collect them in a separate folder in your email system.

Search out all the 'Pledged' emails from Kickstarter and add those to a folder also, and you're off to a very good start. 


Copy everything into a spreadsheet and sort it to your liking.

(I set up a page for each manufacturer)


Grab everything that you can immediately recognise, place them in crates, piles or whatever, and make note of it in the spreadsheet. 

After that, pick a manufacturer, and search out the minis in the spreadsheet that you havn't found yet, and use the pictures on the website to locate them.  

If your minis are in unmarked blisters or bags, get a sharpie and start marking them. 


Anyone thinking it's too much work, at least start using a sharpie on unmarked packaging when orders or KS rewards arrive. 


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On 9/5/2020 at 9:15 AM, Chaoswolf said:

Now that I really think about it, I need another house. 1 to live in, 1 for my hobby stuff to live in.


I have an uncle that is really into "antiquing." After he retired and had nothing else to do he made flea-markets/auctions his hobby and then started selling it all on ebay.  He eventually acquired so many antiques junk that he actually bought a house down the street to keep all of his ebay auction items in.  So yes, it can be done!


As for my minis, everything except my Bones inventory was up to date at the start of the year.  I've slacked off but also haven't been purchasing much, so perhaps I'll get around to updating my spreadsheet this weekend.

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I painted some stuff yesterday (yay, me!) which makes me feel momentarily virtuous with respect to this topic.  However, the eight miniatures finished are sort of inconsequential compared to the whole pile. :rolleyes:


On 9/6/2020 at 2:03 PM, Evilhalfling said:


I'm not good at letting them go.  Bones KS's aside, I acquire minis slowly, and by the time I have committed to buying one, I don't want to admit I was wrong and that it will never be painted or enjoyed.  ...

I'm sure there is a name for this - perhaps sunk costs fallacy  ...


I think that probably is an aspect of the sunk costs fallacy.  Happily I find it a little easier to let go once I do admit that something (i.e. some heap of miniatures) is surplus to my anticipated needs.  I have a problem with the anticipated needs part...a real example:


My older son (now 30) is interested in the Hittites, and in gaming with 1/72 scale plastic figures.  Around 2006, Caesar Miniatures introduced a line of very well scultped and cast 1/72 plastic Hittites, Egyptians, and related late Bronze Age peoples.  Our ancients game of choice in those days was Warhammer Ancient Battles, so we drew up a plan for how many boxes of figures we would need.


By March 2009, we had enough troops for a battle, as chronicled by my friend Ross Macfarlane.   We continued to add figures (from the 2006 initial purchase cache) for some years.  My son, seen here in the center at Historicon in 2014, took to hosting games with them using home rules (optimized for the size of the collection) at conventions as his signature offering.  (He got an award from the con that year, by the way.) But, we eventually stopped painting, and the cache remains.




Last year, my younger son decided that he might have time to add some miniatures back into his life despite grad school.  As a family, we have always played a lot of the WRG rules Hordes of the Things, so he decided to buy the latest edition (3.0) of the historical version, De Bellis Antiquitatis. DBA uses armies composed of twelve stands of figures, each with 2-4 figures.  Some armies have options, so a complete army with all choices might run to 16-20 stands, or 32-80 figures.  The older son decided that this was just what he was looking for to get him inspired to paint more Bronze Age figures.  I even got a Bronze Age Libyan army mostly painted. (I’m still short a chariot conversion.)


Just before everything shut down, we tried this out.  We have been playing Bronze Age DBA since the lockdown as remote games, with occasional participation by my younger son.  


So, here’s the question...is DBA going to be enough to scratch that itch going forward, or are we likely to take inspiration and start working toward expanding the larger scope convention games?  If the former, then I could sort through the Big Box of Bronze Age cache (a fair amount of which is still the 2006 initial purchase), pulling out the figures for all the DBA armies we might finish, 




and work on selling or otherwise disposing of the surplus.  If the latter, though, I don’t know what I might want a year or two from now.  The 1/72 plastics suppliers note that these figures are out of production, with no information on when, or if, another run might be made.  Re-sourcing at a collector premium from eBay things that I already have (and that I initially bought at a discount in 2006) is unappealing.


There’s a similar story and decision making process for nearly everything in the Basement of Holding.  If there wasn’t, it would already be gone, or at least in a flea market collection box.






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